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McCormick Road Area

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1 (A4) Albert H. Small Building
2 (G3) Alderman Library
3 (F2) Alumni Hall
4 (E2) Bemiss House (University Press)
5 (A3) Biology Greenhouse
6 (E3) 169 Brown College at Monroe Hill
A-Davis Portal
B-Gildersleeve Portal
C-Harrison Portal
D-Holmes Portal
E-Long Portal
F-Mallet Portal
G-McGuffey Portal
H-Peters Portal
I-Rogers Portal
J-Smith Portal
K-Tucker Portal
L-Venable Portal
7 (E4) Bryan Hall
8 (F3) Central Grounds Parking Garage (Visitor Parking)
9 (B4) Chemical Engineering Research Building
10 (B4) Chemistry Building
11 (D4) Clark Hall
12 (G5) Cobb Hall
13 (F4) Cocke Hall
14 (F1) 108 Cresap Road
15 (D3) Dell Basketball Courts
16 (F4) Garrett Hall
17 (A3) Gilmer Hall
18 (G3) Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library

(G1) International Residential College
A-Hoxton House
B-Lewis House
C-Mary Munford House
D-Roberta Gwathmey House

20 (G1) 1939 Ivy Road (Institutional Assessment and Studies)
21 (F5) 1512 Jefferson Park Avenue (Music House)
22 (D5) Kerchof Hall
23 (E2) Lambeth House
24 (B4) Materials Science Building
25 (E4) Maury Hall
26 (C3) McCormick Road Residence Area
A-Bonnycastle House
B-Dabney House/Office of Residence Life
C-Echols House
D-Emmet House
E-Hancock House
F-Humphreys House
G-Kent House
H-Lefevre House
I-Metcalf House
J-Page House/Housing Division Office
27 (B4) Mechanical Engineering
28 (F2) Memorial Gymnasium
29 (E4) Minor Hall
30 (F4) Monroe Hall
31 (E4) Monroe Hill House/Range
32 (B5) Montebello
33 (F1) Morea
34 (G2) Nameless Field
35 (F5) New Cabell Hall
36 (F3) Newcomb Hall (Student Center)
37 (F5) Old Cabell Hall
38 (B5) Olsson Hall
39 (F3) Peabody Hall (Undergraduate Admission Office)
40 (D3) Perry-Fishburne Tennis Courts
41 (C4) Physics Building/Jesse Beams Laboratory
42 (G5) Randall Hall
43 (G5) Rouss Hall and Robertson Hall (McIntire School of Commerce)
44 (D3) Ruffner Hall (Curry School of Education)
45 (G1) Contemplative Sciences Center
46 (C4) Thornton Hall (Engineering School)
47 (G5) Varsity Hall
48 (B4) Wilsdorf Hall
49 (F5) Wilson Hall
50 (G3) Clemons Library
51 (C3) Dell 1
52 (C3) Dell 2
53 (E4) Halsey Hall
54 (E5) South Lawn Commons
55 (E5) Gibson Hall
56 (E5) Nau Hall
57 (D3) Bavaro Hall
58 (B5) Rice Hall
Nau Hall Gibson Hall South Lawn Commons Building Halsey Hall (HAL#) Clemons Library (CLM) Lambeth House (LHO) Albert H. Small Building Montebello Kerchof Hall (KER#) 1512 Jefferson Park Avenue (JPK*) (Music House) Varsity Hall (VAR*) Randall Hall (RAN#) Cobb Hall (COB) Bemiss House (University Press) Morea 108 Cresap Road Contemplative Science Center 1939 Ivy Road (Institutional Assessment and Studies) Dell 2 Studio Art Dell 1 Studio Art McCormick Road Residence Area Brown College at Monroe Hill Central Grounds Parking Garage (Visitor Parking) Dell Basketball Courts Perry-Fishburne Tennis Courts Ruffner Hall (RFN) (Curry School of Education) Bavaro Hall (RFN) (Curry School of Education) Memorial Gymnasium (MGM#) Nameless Field Alderman Library (ALD) Newcomb Hall INHL) (Student Center) Peabody Hall (PBY) (Undergraduate Admission Office) Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library Garrett Hall Biology Greenhouse Chemistry Building (CHM#) Rice Hall Olsson Hall (OLS) Materials Science Building (MSB) Mechanical Engineering (MEC) Chemical Engineering Research Building (CHE) Thornton Hall (THN#) (Engineering School) Physics Building/Jesse Beams Laboratory (PHS#) Clark Hall (CLK) Maury Hall (MRY*) Wilson Hall (WIL) New Cabell Hall (CAB) Old Cabell Hall (OCH) Bryan Hall (BRN) Minor Hall (MIN) Monroe Hall (MON) (Undergraduate Association Deans for the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences/Economics) Cocke Hall (COC*) Rouss Hall (RSH) and Robertson Hall (RBT) Gilmer Hall (GIL#) Wilsdorf Hall Elson Student Health Center Dawson's Row Aquatic and Fitness Center (AQC) Alumni Hall University Bookstore Monroe Hill House/Range (MH3) Snyder Tennis Center International Residential College Fontaine Research Park Carl Smith Center & Alderman Road University Hall & Athletic Fields Hereford College & Observatory Hill McCormick Road Area Health System Central Grounds Arts & Architecture Birdwood 250 West U.S. 29 North North Grounds
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