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Academical Village

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  • (C3) Colonnade Club (Pavilion VII)
  • (A3) Colonnade Hotel (Hotel E)
  • (C5) East Lawn
  • (D1) Hotel A
  • (G3) Hotel B (Washington Hall)
  • (C2) Hotel C (Jefferson Hall)
  • (F4) Hotel D
  • (A3) Hotel E (Colonnade Hotel/Garden Room/West Range CafĂ©)
  • (D4) Hotel F (Levering Hall)
  • (C2) Jefferson Hall (Hotel C)
  • (D4) Levering Hall (Hotel F)
  • (E2) Pavilion I
  • (F2) Pavilion II
  • (D2) Pavilion III
  • (F3) Pavilion IV
  • (D2) Pavilion V
  • (E3) Pavilion VI
  • (C3) Pavilion VII (Colonnade Club)
  • (D3) Pavilion VIII
  • (B3) Pavilion IX
  • (D4) Pavilion X
  • (D2) Poe Alley
  • (D5) Randall Hall
  • (B5) Rouss Hall and Robertson Hall (McIntire School of Commerce)
  • (F2) Rotunda
  • (D5) Varsity Hall
  • (G3) Washington Hall (Hotel B)
  • (B4) West Lawn
  • Peabody Hall (Undergraduate Admission Office) Hotel A University Chapel Rotunda Pavilion II Pavilion IV Pavilion VI Pavilion VIII (PV8*) Pavilion X Hotel C Hotel E Pavilion IX Hotel F (Levering Hall) Randall Hall Hotel D Hotel B (Washington Hall) Pavilion I Pavilion III Pavilion V (PV5) Pavilion VII Garrett Hall Thomas Jefferson Statue Blind Homer Statue Cocke Hall Wilson Hall Rouss Hall (RSH) and Robertson Hall (RBT) Varsity Hall Monroe Hall (McIntire School of Commerce) University of Virginia Health System Old Cabell Hall New Cabell Hall The Lawn Poe Alley McCormick Road Area Carl Smith Center & Alderman Road University Hall & Athletic Fields Central Grounds Fontaine Research Park Arts & Architecture U.S. 29 North North Grounds Birdwood 250 West Hereford College & Observatory Hill Health System
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