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University of Virginia Web Publishing Guidelines

A University of Virginia Web page should be an information resource and an interactive, evolving communications medium for prospective and current students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, parents and families, friends of U.Va., and the surrounding community. The policies and guidelines offered here are established by University Communications.

Categories of Pages

For the purposes of these guidelines, web pages will be divided into three main categories: Institutional Pages which are intended to provide official academic and administrative University information, Health System pages which fall under the guidelines of the Health System Web Development Center, and Non-Institutional pages which are the responsibility of their authors.

Institutional Pages

The category of Institutional Pages includes the U.Va. Home Page and those sites related to core University businesses. These particular pages will be designed and authored by or with the assistance of University Communications. Included are the pages for University President, the Vice Presidents, Undergraduate Admission, UVA Today, Human Resources, Financial Aid, University Registrar (UREG), Sustainability, etc. University Communications also provides design guidelines, some web maintenance training, and design templates for Institutional Pages.

In addition to pages maintained by University Communications, the Institutional Pages category includes pages for University academic and administrative divisions, departments, and offices.

Administrative Division, Department, and Office Pages

Division, department, and office home pages should provide items of interest to their specific audiences. Such pages provide information about official University units, and must use a page design and navigation approved by University Communications. In general, they should not repeat information already available on the U.Va. Home Page or other links, but should link to such information. They should provide additional information relating to their specific areas.

Administrative pages should meet the following guidelines.

  • Be substantially complete in content.
  • Use the page design and navigation bar approved by University Communications.
  • Provide information in a timely fashion, removing out-of-date information or announcements.
  • Link to standardized content (such as catalog information, admission requirements, costs) rather than creating separate copies of such.
  • Meet the requirements of all applicable guidelines and policies described on this Web site.
  • Provide University Communications advance notice of any page title or URL changes to allow time for the U.Va. Home Page and A-Z Site Index to be properly updated.
  • Be ADA Accessible.
Academic Department and School Pages

The academic department and school pages are strongly encouraged to obtain design approval from University Communications. All page designs and build outs must follow these guidelines, including the institutional logo policy, ADA compliance, the non-advertising and copyright polices, and others.

Approvals for U.Va. Administrative and Academic Department, Division, and Office Pages

It is the responsibility of the Dean or Unit Head (or designee*) to contact University Communications to request a page link from the U.Va. Home Page, the A-Z Site Index, and if needed added to the U.Va. Web Search. Requesting a link signifies that the page meets the guidelines above.

* It is understood in most cases a Dean or Unit Head appoints a designee to create and maintain pages. The unit head is responsible for ensuring that the individual developing the home page maintains it and keeps the home page timely and accurate.

Non-Institutional Pages

The category of Non-Institutional Pages includes the personal pages for faculty, staff, currently enrolled students, and recognized student organizations. These pages are not part of the official University Web site. These pages are designed and authored by the individuals or groups served, and housed on special student, faculty and staff servers.

These pages will be removed if they are used for any commercial purposes.