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Web Design & Branding

Style and Design

The University's red and blue bars serve as a seal of approval for U.Va. Web sites and are only allocated to home pages of sites that meet the guidelines outlined in this document. Interior pages within a unit site do not include a red or blue bar. These bars may not be replicated or altered in anyway. These are given to units as an "HTML include," so if a change is made, it takes place universally.

Departments and administrative offices may contact University Communications to obtain a site in one of our template designs.

For body/content text, the same font face should be used throughout the site. The University's preferred font family is Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, or another sans-serif font. The primary font size should be either 11 or 12 pixels, unless readability is a factor.

Preferred page layout dimensions are 950px fixed width, center-aligned. This changed from 850px fixed width, left-aligned after the launch of the current U.Va. Home Page on August 1, 2008.

When printed, site pages must show all content legibly on commodity laser and inkjet printers. The default print is the Web version of the site, but a link to a print-optimized version is strongly recommended.

Advertising is not permitted on any part of, including, but not limited to, company/vendor logos and acknowledgements. All University of Virginia Web pages must adhere to the University's Web Site Advertising Policy.

Every page should contain a footer which follows the following model. Note the contact email address, copyright showing current year, and last modified time. Please see the samples page for a suggested implementation.

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U.Va. Logo & Logo Design

Use of official U.Va. logos, fonts and colors requires written approval from either University Communications or The Collegiate Licensing Company. Please email for permission.

For information and examples of the official U.Va. logos, fonts and colors, refer to the Graphic Identity for the University Web site. Alterations of the official U.Va. trademarks (typography, color, shape, etc) are not permitted, without exception.

If you need a logo for your school, department, or unit contact Mike Jones, Senior Director of Strategic Communications, in the University's Office of Public Affairs.