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Web Multimedia

Photography/Videography Requests

The Office of Public Affairs will assist in filling photography and video needs for University departments and organizations. This may involve providing existing images or video footage or helping to arrange photo or video shoots.


The Audio/Visual unit can supply photo requests for publications or news. You may request head shots, events and scenes.


If you want either existing video footage of U.Va. or to have videos taken of an event, please contact Sheri Winston at (434) 924-7550 or complete one of the following forms.

Flash Usage

Flash animations are to be published in Flash 8 format, unless the movie uses Actionscript that requires it to be published to a higher version.

Flash objects should be embedded in an HTML page using SWFobject. The page must contain non-flash content or download instructions for browsers without the plugin.

Audio for Podcasting

For instructions pertaining to the audio requirements for podcasting, please consult the following guide.

Video Encoding

For instructions pertaining to acceptable video encoding formats, please consult the following guide. (PDF, 68K)