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Recommended Reading

Abegaz, Berhanu (William & Mary)

Manpower Development Planning: Theory and an African Case Study (Aldershot: Avebury Press for the University of Warwick, 1994)

Alexander-Floyd, Nikol

Gender, Race, and Nationalism in Contemporary Black Politics (Comparative Feminist Studies) - Hardcover (Aug. 7, 2007)

Alexandre, Sandy (MIT)

The Properties of Violence: Claims to Ownership in Representations of Lynching. (forthcoming)

Barton, Craig (UVA)

Sites of Memory: Perspectives on Race and Architecture. (Princeton Architectural Press, 2001)

Bassard Clay, Katherine (VCU)

Transforming Scriptures: African American Women Writers and the Bible. (University of Georgia Press, 2010 )

Spiritual Interrogations: Culture, Gender, and Community in Early African American Women’s Writing. (Princeton University Press, 1999)

Battle, Juan (CUNY: The Graduate Center)

Black Sexualities: Probing Powers, Passions, Practices, and Policies. Co- edited Sandra L. Barnes. (Rutgers University Press, 2010)

Bennett, Herman (CUNY: The Graduate Center)

Colonial Blackness: A History of Afro-Mexico (Indiana University Press, 2009)

Africans in Colonial Mexico: Absolutism, Christianity and Afro-Creole Consciousness, 1570–1640 (Indiana University Press, 2003)

Bonilla, Yarimar (UVA)

Colonial Blackness: A History of Afro-Mexico (Indiana University Press, 2009)

Africans in Colonial Mexico: Absolutism, Christianity and Afro-Creole Consciousness, 1570–1640 (Indiana University Press, 2003)

Brennan, Vicki (University of Vermont)

Singing the Same Song: Music, Religion and Civil Society in Postcolonial Nigeria (book manuscript in preparation, working title)

Boyce Davies, Carol

Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones - (Duke University Press, 2007)

Black Women, Writing and Identity: Migrations of the Subject (Routledge, 1994)

Cabas, Victor (Hampden-Sydney)

Collier-Thomas, Betty (Temple University)

Jesus, Jobs, and Justice: African American Women and Religion(Alfred A Knopf, 2010)

Sisters in the Struggle: African American Women in the Civil Rights-Black Power Movement. Co-edited with V. P. Franklin. (New York University Press, 2001)

My Soul Is a Witness: A Chronology of the Civil Rights Era, 1954-1964. Coauthored with V.P. Franklin. (Henry Holt and Co., 2000)

Daughters of Thunder: Black Women Preachers and Their Sermons, 1850-1979. ( Jossey-Bass Publishers,1998)

Contini-Morava, Ellen (UVA)

Discourse Pragmatics and Semantic Categorization: The Case of Negation and Tense-Aspect with Special Reference to Swahili (Discourse Perspectives on Grammar). ( Mouton-de-Gruyter , 1989)

Edozie, Rita Kiki (MSU)

Reframing Contemporary Africa: Politics, Economics and Culture in the Global Era. Co-edited with Peyi Soyinika-Airwele (CQ Press, 2009)

Reconstructing the Third Wave of Democracy: Comparative African Democratic Politics (CQ Press, 2008)

People Power and Democracy: the popular movement against military despotism in Nigeria, 1989-1999 ( African World Press, 2002)

Ferreira, Roquinaldo (UVA)

Atlantic Microhistory: Slaving, Transatlantic Networks, and Cultural Exchange in Angola (ca. 1700-ca. 1830) (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming in 2011)

Fletcher, Bill (Author and Columnist)

Solidarity Divided:The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice, A new direction for labor by two of its leading activist intellectuals. Co-authored with Fernando Gapasin. (University of California Press, 2008)

Fraser, Gertrude, (UVA)

African American Midwifery in the South: Dialogues of Birth, Race, and Memory (Harvard University, 1998)

French, Scot (UVA)

The Rebellious Slave: Nat Turner in American Memory (Houghton Mifflin, 2004)

Gaston, Paul (UVA)

Coming of Age in Utopia: The Odyssey of an Idea (NewSouth Books, 2010)

The New South Creed: A Study in Southern Mythmaking (Knopf, 1970; Vintage, 1972; LSU, 1976. Second Edition, NewSouth Books, 2002)

Man and Mission: E. B. Gaston and the Origins of the Fairhope Single Tax Colony(Black Belt Press, 1993)

Women of Fair Hope (University of Georgia Press, 1984; Black Belt Press, 1993)

Goluboff, Risa

Civil Rights Stories (editor with Myriam Gilles) (Foundation Press, 2008)

The Lost Promise of Civil Rights, Historically Speaking, Vol. VII (2008)

The Lost Promise of Civil Rights (Harvard University Press, 2007)

Harley, Sharon (University of Maryland)

Dignity and Damnation: The Nexus of Race, Gender, and Women's Work,, (Book contract: New York, NY: W. W. Norton, in progress)

The Timetables of African American History: A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in African-American History, (New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1995)

Events in African-American History , (New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1995)

Harold, Claudrena (UVA)

No Ordinary Sacrifice: New Negro Politics in the Jim Crow South (1917-1929). (forthcoming)

The Rise and Fall of the Garvey Movement in the Urban South (Routledge, 2007)

Hunter, Tera (Princeton University)

Gender, Sexuality and African Diasporas. Co-edited with Sandra Gunning and Michele Mitchell, Dialogues of Dispersal: (Blackwell Publishing, 2004)

African American Urban Studies: Perspectives from the Colonial Period to the Present. Co-edited with Joe W. Trotter and Earl Lewis, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)

To ‘Joy My Freedom: Southern Black Womenís Lives and Labors After the Civil War (Harvard University Press, 1997)

Johnson, Waldo

Social Work With African American Males: Health, Mental Health, and Social Policy (Oxford Press, 2010)

Knight, Frederick

In An Ocean of Blue: West African Indigo Workers in the Atlantic World to 1800, in Diasporic Africa: A Reader (Michael Gomez, ed.) New York: New York University Press, 2006

Labor in the Slave Community; in Blackwell Companion to African-American History, (Alton Hornsby, Jr. ed.) Oxford, England: Blackwell Press, 2005

Kisliuk, Michelle (UVA)

Seize the Dance! BaAka Musical Life and the Ethnography of Performance (Oxford University Press, 1998)

Knight, Frederick (Colorado State)

Working the Diaspora: The Impact of African Labor on the Anglo-American World, 1650-1850. (New York University Press, 2010)

Osbey, Brenda (Poet)

All Saints New and Selected Poems. (Louisiana State University Press, 1997)

Desperate Circumstance, Dangerous Woman. (Story Line Press, 1991)

In These Houses. (Wesleyan, 1988)

Oestreicher, Cheryl

Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History

Pierre, Jemima (Vanderbilt)

Race Across the Atlantic: Postcolonial Africa and the Predicament of Blackness (under review)

Pinson, Hermine (William and Mary)

Dolores is Blue / Dolorez is Blues. (Sheep Meadow, 2007)

Mama Yetta and Other Poems. (Wings Press, 1999)

Press, Andrea (UVA)

Politics, Media and Religion: The Role of Media in the New Political Realm. (Book manuscript in development).

What’s Important About Communications and Culture? Coauthored with Bruce A. Williams (Book manuscript under contract at Blackwell)

Speaking of Abortion: Television and Authority in the Lives of Women. Co-authored with Elizabeth R. Cole. (University of Chicago Press, 1999)

Women Watching Television: Gender, Class, and Generation in the American Television Experience. (University of Philadelphia Press, 1991)

Roberts, Dorothy (Northwestern)

Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare, (Basic Books/Civitas, 2001; paperback, 2002)

Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and The Meaning of Liberty, (Pantheon, 1997; Vintage paperback, 1999)

Robinson, Mildred (UVA)

Law Touched Our Hearts: A Generation Remembers Brown v. Board of Education, Mildred Wigfall Robinson & Richard J. Bonnie, eds., (Vanderbilt University Press, 2009).

Shipton, Parker (Boston University)

Credit Between Cultures: Farmers, Financiers, and Misunderstanding in Africa (Yale University Press, 2010)

Mortgaging the Ancestors: Ideologies of Attachment in Africa, (Yale University Press, 2009)

The Nature of Entrustment: Intimacy, Exchange, and the Sacred in Africa. (Yale University Press, 2007)

Strother, Zoe (Columbia University)

Inventing Masks: Agency and History in the Art of the Central Pende. (University of Chicago Press, 1998 )

Thomas, (Deborah University of Pennsylvania)

Globalization and Race: Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness. Co-edited with Kamari M. Clarke. (Duke University Press, 2006)

Thomas, (Gregory Syracuse)

Hip-Hop Revolution in the Flesh: Power, Knowledge and Pleasure in Lil' Kim's Lyricism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)

The Sexual Demon of Colonial Power: Pan-African Embodiment and Erotic Schemes of Empire (Indiana UP, 2007)

Wagner, Bryan (University of California)

Disturbing the Peace: Black Culture and the Police Power after Slavery. Harvard University Press, 2009

Walton, Jonathan (Harvard University)

Watch This! The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Televangelism (NYU Press, 2009)

Warren, Dorian (Columbia University)

Race and American Political Development. Co-edited with Joe Lowndes and Julie Novkov. (Routledge, 2008)

Zeleza, Paul T. (Loyola Marymount, Dean: College of Liberal Arts)

Barack Obama and African diasporas: dialogues and dissensions (University Press, 2009).

The Study of Africa Volume 1: Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Encounters. Editor (CODESRIA, 2006)

The Study of Africa Vol 2: Global and Transnational Engagements (CODESRIA, 2006)

African Universities in the Twenty-First Century. Vol 2 Knowledge and Society. Co-edited with Adebayo O. Olukoshi.(CODESRIA, 2004)

Manufacturing African Studies and Crises (CODESRIA, 1997)

Modern Economic History of Africa. Vol. 1 (CODESRIA, 1993)