African American History Since 1860

MW 11-1150 Cabell 138


Reginald D. Butler
Associate Professor
101 Minor Hall
Office Hours: W 12-2
Office Phone: 924-3109
Scot A. French
Assistant Professor
102 Minor Hall
Office Hours: W 12-2
Office Phone: 924-8889


Peter Flora
Ph.D. Candidate
Corcoran Department of History

Minor 128
Office Hours: T 1-4 and by appointment
Office Phone: 924-8852



This lecture course explores the history and culture of African Americans in the United States. We will examine some of the major themes, problems, events, structures, and personalities, paying particular attention to how African Americans themselves shaped their experiences. We will devote some portion of each class to the close examination of primary sources, with a particular focus on the intersection of the "local" and the "global."


The syllabus is available on-line through Toolkit under either AAS 366 or HIUS 366; it can also be accessed directly at the following address:


Some of the materials on the syllabus are accessible only to users with University accounts. If you are using a dial-up account through a commercial Internet Provider, you must log in using U.Va.'s proxy server. For information on "Configuring Your Web Browser to Use the U.Va. Proxy Server," visit the ITC website:



We expect students to make a good faith effort to attend all lectures and discussion sections. Since attendance correlates with participation, students will be asked to sign in at beginning of each discussion section. Please be on time; late arrivals can be very disruptive.


Weekly reading assignments will average about 150-175 pages and will be posted at least one week in advance of the first discussion section. Revisions and updates to the syllabus will be announced in class or via the class email list.

We have ordered the following books from the University Bookstore:

All other assigned readings will be made available through Toolkit or via links from the on-line syllabus.


Final grades will be calculated as follows:

Participation (10 percent). This grade will be determined by the teaching assistant, in consultation with the instructors.

Reading Responses (20 percent). In order to facilitate discussion, we will assign ten (10) two-page reading response questions correlating with the assigned readings for that week. Each response must be typed and submitted to the teaching assistant at the beginning of the discussion section for which the readings were assigned. No email submissions and no late responses will be accepted.

Short Paper (20 percent). Students will write a 7-10 page paper on the theme of "Coming of Age in the Jim Crow Era," using Richard Wright's Black Boy and other assigned readings. Detailed instructions will be posted on the syllabus and announced in class.

Midterm (20 percent)

Final (30 percent)


Wednesday, January 29 - Last day to DROP a course (deletion from the transcript)

Friday, February 1- Last day to ADD a course, elect the audit option, change the grading option (grade or CR/NC)

Wednesday, March 12 - Midterm

Wednesday, March 19 - Last day to withdraw from a course (instructor's permission required)

Friday, May 2 - Final exam

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