Feb 27

Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian Identity

Guest Lecturer: David T. Haberly, Professor, Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese and Latin American Studies

David T. Haberly (Ph.D., Harvard, 1966) is a Professor of Portuguese at the University of Virginia.  Prof. Haberly's publications include: Three Sad Races: Racial Identity and National Consciousness in Brazilian Literature (1983); editor, Brazilian volume, Cambridge History of Latin American Literature (1997); editor, Machado de Assis, Quincas Borba (1 998); articles on Luso-Brazilian literature, nineteenth-century North American and Argentine literature, Borges, García Márquez, comparative literature, Catalan literature.

FILM: "Bahia: Africa in the Americas" (VHS 4236) Dr. Sheila Walker examines how elements of African culture are powerfully expressed in the food, art, dance, and most importantly, the Candomble (Umbanda) religion of the Afro-Brazilian majority of the state of Bahia.

You must see the film *BEFORE* class; there will be two showings at the following times:

Date Time Place
February 21 5-6pm Clemons 322B
February 22 6-7pm Clemons 201