Mar 1, Mar 8

Film Discussion: Camp de Thiaroye

Guest Lecturer: Kandioura Dramé, Associate Professor, Department of French Language and Literatures

Prof. Dramé received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1984.  His area of interests include Francophone Literature and Comparative African Literatures. He is currently the Vice-President and President-elect of the African Literature Association and Associate Editor, CARAF Books.  In the French Department, Prof. Dramé teaches Africa in Cinema (FREN 443) and African Literature (FREN 570).

March 1: We will watch the first half of Camp de Thiaroye in class

March 8: Prof. Kandioura Dramé will lead a discussion about the film

You must watch the second half of the film *BEFORE* the class discussion.

There will be two showings at the following times:

Date Time Place
March 6 9-11pm Clemons 322B
March 7 4-6pm Clemons 201


About the Film:

Camp de Thiaroye (VHS 10066)
directed by Ousmane Sembene

In Wolof and French with English Subtitles

Sembene's Camp de Thiaroye -which he co-directed with Thierno Faty Sow- is a powerful, fact-based drama which, like Emitai, deals with the dilemma of Africa troops in the French Army at the end of World War II (a turning point in African history when the colonial myth of white superiority began to collapse and an African consciousness emerged). The story opens with repatriated Senegalese infantrymen (many of whom, after heroic and bloody service, had been abandoned at Dunkirk and confined in Nazi concentration camps) being placed in a transit camp ostensibly for temporary internment before discharge. The real purpose, however, is to reestablish the structures of white oppression disrupted by the war. A dispute over petty regulations soon escalated into full-scale Einsenstein's Odessa Steps in its ruthlessness and artistry.

Leopold Senghor's Poem "Thiaroye"