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Unit 1: Intellectual and Political History of African American Studies

Jan. 18  Olufemi Taiwo Introduction
Jan. 23 Corey D. B. Walker Black Intellectuals in the Age of Empire
Jan. 25 Kimberley Phillips Race and Gender
Jan. 30 Tejumola Olaniyan New Trajectories in African and African American Studies
Feb 1 Eric Lott Toward the Abolition of Whiteness
Feb 6   Discussion of "Black Is, Black Ain't"
Feb 8 Olufemi Taiwo Unit 1 Wrap up

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Unit 2: Racial Formation

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Feb 13  Jeff Fleisher  Race and Human Classification
Feb 15  Olufemi Taiwo Race and the Enlightenment
Feb 20  Jemima Pierre Disapora and the Dynamics of Racialization
Feb 22 Milton Vickerman Caribbean Immigrants in the U.S.
Feb 27 David T. Haberly Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian Identity
Mar 1 Film First half of: Camp de Thiaroye
Mar 6

Olufemi Taiwo

Unit 2 Wrap up
Mar 8 Kandioura Dramé Discussion of Camp de Thiaroye

Unit 3: Social Movements

Mar 20  Ernest Allen  Black Nationalism 
Mar 22 Ernest Allen Pan Africanism
Mar 27 Hanan Sabea Anti-Colonialism: Struggles, Connections and Imaginations
Mar 29 Paul M. Gaston Jim Crow Must Go: The UVA Story
Apr 3 Suzanne E. Smith Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit
Apr 5 Olufemi Taiwo Unit 3 Wrap up

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Unit 4: African Religion in the Diaspora

Apr 10 Mieka Brand African American Archaeology
Apr 12  Michael Gomez Praying and Flying: Vignettes of Africans in Early America
Apr 17  Wallace Best  African American Religion
Apr 19  Isabel Mukonyora 

Interpretation of the Independent
Churches of Africa

Apr 24 John Mason Yoruba Religion in the New World
Apr 26  Olufemi Taiwo Unit 4 Wrap Up


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May 1 Olufemi Taiwo Course Wrap up