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You've been commissioned to create a multimedia product -- a web-based exhibit, a video, a poster series, a heritage trail map -- that responds to the recommendations laid out in the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust's Conservation and Tourism Development Plan for Cape Coast Ghana. Final projects will be evaluated on their ablity to discern and communicate cultural patterns and expressions of change in the built, natural and social environments. Students may work individually or in teams of two. All final projects will be exhibited on the class website and may be used, with authors' permission, in the Cape Coast Archive.

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The first half of the semester will be used to collect and select material from over five digital archives on Africa, Ghana, and Cape Coast. This material collection will be structured through a series of thematic exercises and coordinated with guest lecture presentations and weekly readings. Three multi-media workshops will be conducted by the Digital Media Lab to introduce students to the range of media that can be imploded to create a web product. Sessions are planned around web page design, digital imaging and I movies. One or all of these methods might be employed in the final product.

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- To gather data from the "digital field" and explore new ways to catalog and disseminate information through new technologies.

- To construct a web-based product which will serve as a connector between the University of Virginia and Cape Coast, Ghana, for the interdisciplinary research team that may be traveling there during the summer of 2001.

- To construct an interpretation of Cape Coast which reflects and respects the community's desire to highlight its complete cultural landscape.

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Feb. 22: One-page abstract of preliminary presentation

Mar. 8: Preliminary presentation of conceptual framework and selected images/materials to Cape Coast faculty advisors

April 5: Progress reports/in-class work session

April 26: Final presentations to Cape Coast faculty advisors

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