ARCH 566 /AAS 406D

April 5 --
Preserving Cultural Landscapes

Guest Faculty: Daniel Bluestone

I. Class Outline

We will meet in Minor 108 for the first half of class (Prof. Bluestone's presentation), then proceed to the Digital Media Lab for a hands-on workshop.

II. Readings

There is no assigned readings for this week. You should be using this time to continue your project-specific reading and research.

III. Assignment #4 - Due Thursday, April 12

Website Script and Graphic Design

By now you should have a clear sense of how your web-based project will be organized. For this assignment, we would like you to draft a paragraph of scripted text for each major page of the site (five mininum, including the introductory/home page). This paragraph should be addressed directly to your target audience and should clearly convey the theme/point of each page.We would also like to see a computer printout or hand-drawn mock-up of the graphic design for each page.

For the class website, please send an email message to Scot French with your working title and a brief summary (no more than three sentences) of your project.