ARCH 566 /AAS 406D

April 12 --
Christianity in West Africa

Guest Faculty: Matthew Engelke

I. Class Outline

We will meet in Minor 108 for the first half of class (Matthew Engelke's presentation), then proceed to the Digital Media Lab for a hands-on workshop.

II. Readings

  • Anthony Appiah, In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture (Oxford University Press, 1992), Ch. 6, Old Gods, New Worlds: 107-137
  • Paul Gifford, African Christianity: Its Public Role (Indiana University Press, 1998), Ch. 3, Ghana: 57-111.
III. Assignment #5 - Due Thursday, April 19

Peer Consultation

This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the criteria that will be used to evaluate your web-based final project. It is also intended to encourage interaction among students as peer advisors/consultants on each other's projects. Using the form below as a guideline and cover sheet, please evaluate another student's project. That student will evaluate your project as well, so be candid and constructive. The comments may be written in note form (i.e., incomplete sentences), so long as each point is clear.
Please bring a printout of your comments with you to class on Thursday, April 19.
Name of Project Designer:___________________
Name of Peer Consultant:___________________
Please evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of the web-based project in each of the following areas:
    Can you tell, without asking, how to move from one page of the site to another? Does the organization of the site make sense? Are the links clearly marked? Do they work? Can you tell, on any given page, where you are within the site?
Is the design appropriate to the subject matter? Will the target audience find it appealing? Are the words and images legible? Is the sound audible?
Is the theme of the project clearly stated in the introduction? Do each of the major pages within the site have a clear purpose? Has the author made effective use of primary sources (text, images, sound) and secondary sources (information gleaned from books and articles)? Are photos captioned? Are sources credited?
Use of technology
Does the project make effective use of technology? Can you suggest ways of enhancing the project through the use of technology?