ARCH 566 /AAS 406D

March 8 - Preliminary Presentations
Guest Faculty: TBA

1. Assignment #3

Thursday, March 8
5:45-9 p.m.
Architecture School, Campbell Hall
Exhibition Room B

Here’s a chance to show off the preliminary work you’ve done on your project and get some valuable feedback from guest faculty members.

Your assignment is to prepare a visual mock-up of your project and deliver a polished 3-minute oral presentation, addressing each of the following points:

  1.  Statement of Purpose/Thesis

    In a sentence or two, state the major theme of your project. What’s the point you’re trying to make?
  1. Geographical/Temporal Frame

    Be sure to specify the time frame and the geographical boundaries of your project.
  1. Evidence/Sources

    What are your primary source materials?  Be specific: “I am using the Transatlantic Slave Trade Database at Alderman Library to chart slaving voyages to and from Cape Coast.  I have chosen a number of pictorial images from Jerome Handler’s database to illustrate the slave trade.  I will superimpose these images on an 1809 historical map of the Atlantic Ocean and Western Africa.

    What are your secondary source materials?  You should be able to cite three scholarly books and articles, and indicate how you came to choose them.  “For historical context, I  will draw heavily upon the readings assigned by Prof. Joseph Miller …”
  1. Audience

    To whom is your project addressed?  American college students preparing to study abroad?  The Cape Coast community? African-American tourists?  International development agencies?  Ghanaians in the Diaspora?  If your project has multiple audiences, how are you planning to address potential conflicts of interest?
  1. Project Design

    Multimedia components:  What types of media – photographs, maps, video, audio – will you be incorporating into your project?  Be prepared to show a sample of each.

    Interactivity/Navigation: How will users interact with your project? Is it modeled after a walking tour, leading from point A to point?  Or is it more like a museum, with various rooms to be explored in no particular order?

Each student will be given wall space for a mock-up.  Please let us know if you would like to use a computer or audio-visual equipment as part of your presentation.

Office hours will be held on Tuesday, 2:15-4:15, in the Digital Media Lab, Clemons Library, and by appointment.