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Our goal is to stimulate interdisciplinary, innovative research and education related to aging issues. We support collaboration of U.Va. faculty across all disciplines to address critical issues affecting the aging population such as quality of life, health care, housing, and public policy.

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    "More than Words: The Science of Conversation"

    Angela Staples,Research Assistant Professor of Psychology

    The Institute on Aging hosted the December meeting of Aging in Place Business Roundtable. Angela Staples, Research Assistant Professor of Psychology, outlined her current research as a Principal Investigator for a National Institute on Aging-funded study. If you would like to get involved in Angela’s study, she is seeking volunteers age 60 and over for a two-hour study. Participation involves one-on-one conversations with other people over a video link and filling out questionnaires both before and after the conversations. Volunteers will be compensated $30 for their participation. Please call her lab at (434) 924-3600 or e-mail for more information.

    "Improving Your Fiscal Health”
    Karin Bonding, CFA

    UVA Lecturer, Personal Finance

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    "Livable Communities:
    Opportunities for Successful Aging"
    Elinor Ginzler,
    Senior Vice President for Livable Communities, AARP

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    "How Do We Avoid Diabetes and its Complications as We Age?"

    Eugene Barrett, MD, PhD

    Director of the University of Virginia
    Diabetes Center


    In an Aging 101 lecture this past October, Dr. Barrett spoke about why diabetes is becoming more common and expensive, and how we may effectively treat or prevent its onset as we age.

    Audience members clearly found Barrett’s lecture informative and even inspiring. One person commented: “his presentation was motivating and inspiring . . . [it convinced] me to be more careful of what goes into my mouth and be more diligent about exercising more.” Another wrote: “this was the most easily understood of all presentations, articles on diabetes. Excellent & so helpful!” That same person added: “the Institute on Aging is one of the major ‘perks’ for seniors who live in the Charlottesville area!”
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Aging 101

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September 16, 2008

Another Good Reason to Exercise:

Dr. William Evans, Ph.D.

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