Travel Guidance

As the risks associated with the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to increase, the University is urging elevated caution related to travel. Conditions are evolving rapidly and the list of restrictions and warnings instituted by the CDC or governments in other countries is likely to expand.

Updated March 12, 2020

We are suspending all international and non-essential domestic University travel, effective immediately and continuing at least through April 15th.

International Travel for University business

  • Effective immediately, we are prohibiting all international travel by faculty and staff on University business. If you require an exception, please submit a request to the Provost’s office at Requests will require an endorsement of the employee’s dean, vice president, vice provost, or manager.

Domestic Travel for University business

  • Effective immediately, we are suspending all non-essential domestic travel. Essential travel is defined as supporting activities that are absolutely necessary, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person. If a supervisor, associate dean, or dean deems the travel essential, it will be reimbursed. If not, it will not be reimbursed.

Return from travel

  • International travel:
    • If you do travel internationally, it is important to note that return may be difficult. As a result of the U.S. Presidential Proclamation on March 11th, University faculty and staff who have been in Europe’s Schengen area (26 European countries that allow free and unrestricted travel between them) in the previous 14 days before re-entry to the United States will face enhanced screening procedures for returning to the U.S. Please consult the Center for Disease Control for details.
    • University faculty and staff who are not American citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States who have been in the Schengen area in the previous 14 days may not travel to the United States, even with currently valid nonimmigrant visas, for the 30 day period beginning at midnight, March 13th. We are currently exploring whether the U.S. government may change this policy, and will share more information as we get it.

Personal travel


  • If you must cancel travel, seek waivers and refunds directly from the airlines and hotels first. If airlines and hotels are not issuing waivers or refunds, employees can submit expense reimbursement requests through ExpenseUVA after the date of travel.
  • For more information, please see the “Travel and Expense” website and the more specific “Travel and COVID” site. If you have a question that isn’t covered on either of these sites, contact the travel team at or 434-924-4121

See the Travel Frequently Asked Questions section for more detail regarding travel restrictions and guidance.