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The Office of Emergency Preparedness is an office of coordination and collaboration, developing and communicating the University’s key emergency policies, strategies, plans and procedures, and working closely with departments and offices across Grounds to create a culture of emergency preparedness. Reporting directly to the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, the office champions a strong commitment to personal preparedness planning and educates students, faculty, and staff on mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery strategies. The University has a close partnership with the City of Charlottesville and County of Albemarle in the emergency preparedness arena; together we assess our vulnerabilities in natural, human, epidemic and terrorist hazards to assure an appropriate response is planned for such events.

  • Mitigation—Activities designed to either prevent the occurrence of or minimize the adverse effects of a hazard.
  • Preparedness—Activities and programs, which exist prior to an emergency, that support and enhance response to an emergency
  • Response—Activities designed to address the immediate effects of the onset of an emergency and help to reduce casualties and damage, and to speed recovery.
  • Recovery—Activities involved in restoring systems to normal.

"Every emergency is a local emergency, and we need to be aware of the resources of all agencies that might respond. It is important to collaborate within the University to ensure that all the schools and the Medical Center are working together to prepare for any hazards."
Marge Sidebottom, Director