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Tornado - Twister…It’s Not a Game

Last year, 39 tornadoes struck Virginia. Would you know what to do?

Know the Lingo

  • Tornado Watch - conditions are right for tornado formation; remain alert to weather conditions.
  • Tornado Warning - a tornado has been sighted; take shelter immediately.

Find a Safe Space

Sturdy buildings. Go to the basement and stay away from windows. Ifthere is no basement, move to a small, windowless interior room such as acloset, bathroom or interior hall on the lowest level of the building. Facean interior wall, crouch low to the ground, and protect your head by coveringit with your arms.

Open buildings, outdoors, vehicles, mobile homes or trailers. Findshelter inside the nearest sturdy building. If there is no time to goanywhere else, seek shelter right where you are. Stay low against a strongwall, or lie down flat in a ditch or depression. Protect your head bycovering it with your arms.

Practice makes Perfect

March 17 is Tornado Preparedness Day in Virginia. Practice your tornado safety during the statewidetornado drill.

For more information, visit or contactthe Office of Emergency Preparedness at 434-982-0565 or