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Home Directory Logo Home Directory Web Interface Login (http://www.homedir.virginia.edu)

The Home Directory Web Interface is designed to offer convenient access to your Home Directory account and files via a web browser. Anyone with a Home Directory account at U.Va. may use this interface.

Home Directory Web connections are authenticated via Netbadge. If this is your first connection to a Netbadge enabled application in your current browser session you will be diverted to the Netbadge site to identify yourself, then you will be connected to the web home directory interface.

If you work from home and use a dial-up modem or mapping drives presents problems because of your ISP, then you may find the Home Directory Web Interface very useful. On the other hand, if you are using a computer on-grounds or have a high-speed connection at home, you may prefer using the Home Directory Login program or mapping a drive to your Home Directory.

To use this interface, please be aware that you must:

  1. have an active Home Directory account - verify your account status by visiting the Test Home Directory Account web page,
  2. have Java Runtime Environment (Windows) or Java Applet Launcher (Macintosh OS X and above) installed to ensure that the files you upload or download are not corrupted during transfer (see About JRE and FAQ),
  3. click the Logout button before exiting the application or your files may be accessible to the next person using this computer.

If this is the first time you will be using the Home Directory Web Interface, please take a moment to review the System Requirements and Getting Started documents before logging into the Home Directory Web Interface.

If you have questions about features of the Home Directory Web Interface or encounter odd behavior while using the Home Directory Web Interface, it is likely that we have addressed these in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web page. Please review the FAQ before contacting 4help@virginia.edu to see if your question or issue already has an answer or solution.

If you have problems or questions please contact 4help@virginia.edu.