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Guest Survey

University of Virginia Conference Services would like to receive feedback from you about your stay, in order to set goals for improvement.

Please rate the following:
1. The cleanliness of your roomPoorFairGoodGreatExcellentN/A
2. The housekeeping service you received during your stay (linens delivered appropriately, trash emptied, etc.)PoorFairGoodGreatExcellentN/A
3. Your interactions with Conference Services staff members during check-in, check-out, or other occaisionsPoorFairGoodGreatExcellentN/A
4. The quality of dining services you received at U.Va.PoorFairGoodGreatExcellentN/A
5. Your overall experience at U.Va.PoorFairGoodGreatExcellentN/A
6. In which residence area did you stay?

7. Would you return to U.Va. for another conference/camp?

8. What group were you here with? (OPTIONAL)