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The Univeristy of Virginia's best tools for ensuring compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations are to 1) keep controlled information and materials that would require a license for use by foreign nationals off Grounds; and 2) ensure that all physical exports from the U.S. are appropriately screened, and when necessary licensed. However, the University has determine that it may be appropriate to accept controlled information or materials that would require a license for use by foreign nationals on Grounds in some instances. When an individual wishes to accept export controlled information or materials they must obtain the concurrence of their department chair, dean, and the Vice President for Research or Provost, as appropriate; all requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Export Control Management Program


When the University determines that allowing controlled items or information on Grounds or performing licensable services is consistent with the mission of the institution a strong export control management program (ECMP) is essential to assure continuing compliance with regulatory requirements. The Office of Export Controls is not responsible for deciding what activities the University will support, rather it is our responsibility to assist University personnel with export control and licensing requirements to support those activities. Obviously this support only extends to what is permitted or allowable under the applicable laws and regulations.

Although much of the information for our ECMP is available on this website, the Office of Export Controls has created an ECMP Manual to formalize the processes and procedures the University has implemented to assure compliance with U.S. export control requirements and the University's export control policy (FIN-043).

Any questions, comments or concerns related to ECMP or export controls more generally should be directed to the Office of Export Controls at or x2-1539.


Procedures and Associated Forms


The Office of Export Controls has developed a variety of forms to facilitate common export control related requests and processes. Please use the navigation menu on the left side of the page to access information and/or forms for the following:

Please contact the Office of Export Controls directly at or x2-5725 for issues not addressed the pages listed above.


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