All expenditures must post in the Integrated System to be considered an actual expense and either invoiced or reported to the sponsor.

All expenses must occur on or between the start and the end date for the grant’s “period of performance”.

If an expense needs to be moved and the Transfer Date of the transaction is older than 90 days, please email to osp-retro-request@virginia.edu with request form and supporting documents for batches to be reviewed and approved.

If a transaction cannot be processed due to the account being expired, please email to osp-postward@virginia.edu, explain the reason you are trying to process the transfer, so it can be reviewed.

If cumulative expenditures have exceeded the amount awarded by the sponsor, the account is overspent and a deficit occurs. It is the responsibility of the department to transfer deficits out of sponsored programs awards, promptly or invoicing and reporting will be impacted. See the deficits section of the AR / Cash Management page for more information.

Transaction controls are only a guide, the departmental administrators working with the Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring charges are accurate, appropriate, allocable and allowable in accordance with sponsor terms. See the Cost Accounting page of the Financial Compliance and Education section of the site for more information.