What's Happening

Thomas Skalak to Serve as Executive Director for Science and Technology Programs at Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

UVA's vice president for research will assume his new role at the Seattle-based organization beginning in February of 2015.

Following the Finale of 'Serial' Podcast, UVA Team Continues to Investigate

In the next few weeks, UVA Law's Innocence Project will file a motion for DNA testing in the case of Adnan Syed.

Virginia Charities to Receive Over $700K from UVA Fundraiser

Through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, UVA employees have donated over $700K to support Virginia-based charitable organizations.

Curry Dean's Plan Attracts White House Interest

Obama Administration education advisor Roberto Rodriquez met with Dean Robert Pianta and John Fantuzzo of the University of Pennsylvania to discuss a proposal for improving publicly-funded preschool programs.