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The Equal Opportunity Officer for ADA Compliance serves as the University's Section 504 and ADA Coordinator and helps to resolve issues and provides information regarding services and accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

The University of Virginia is committed to equal opportunity in employment and education for persons with disabilities and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Individuals with disabilities are protected from discrimination and may be entitled to accommodations that will assist in their pursuits at the University. Employees should direct requests for accommodations to their supervisors and may seek assistance through University or Medical Center Human Resources (see procedures below).

Formal complaints of discrimination and possible violations of the ADA can be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.

Academic Accommodations

Law School Students

All Other Students (Contact the Student Disability Access Center)






Workplace Accommodations

Current Academic and Medical Center Employees

Application and Interview Accommodations

Current and Prospective Academic and Medical Center Employees

Voluntary Self Identification

Voluntary Self Identification form for persons with Disabilities

(The Voluntary Self Identification Form does not qualify as a request for a disability accommodation)

Accessible Parking, Transportation, and Routes

Counseling and Consultation


Academic and Medical Center Employees

Web Accessibility - Information for Building Accessible Sites

Design knowing that people with cognitive, hearing, motor, visual and other impairments may use your site.

Accessibility Ally

EOP's Disability Awareness Presentation and Ally Network

(If you are unable to access the Accessibility Ally presentation or Pledge form please contact 434-924-3200 or for alternate formats.)

Additional Information