About Detachment 890

Air Force ROTC Detachment 890 was founded at the University of Virginia in 1951. From the moment of its conception, Detachment 890 has enjoyed the historic setting of this prestigious university. The detachment was originally headquartered in Varsity Hall - one of the University's oldest buildings. Varsity Hall first served as the school's infirmary in 1858 and was later repurposed as a Civil War hospital a few years later. In 2004, the detachment shifted its main operating location to the Astronomy building to allow workers to restore the building and have remained there since.

Currently, Detachment 890 is recognized as one of the preeminent detachments in the Southeast region. Cadets from all three schools that now comprise the Cadet Corps, James Madison University, Liberty University, and the University of Virginia, consistently beat national GPA and physical training averages. Det. 890 has earned numerous accolades over the past decade, including multiple awards of the Virginia Air Force Association Award for Excellence and the Southeast Region Outstanding AFROTC Unit Award.

Not only is the detachment successful on a large scale, but each cadet is also driven to succeed individually. Each year, detachments across the nation send cadets to a summer boot camp known as "Field Training." Cadets from Det 890 consistently place in the top third of their flights, earning accolades such as Distinguished Graduate, Superior Performer, and Expert Marksman.

We continue to meet and exceed the impressive accomplishments of the detachment in the 61 years it has been active. We will continue to strive to not only be the best detachment in the South East Region, but also in the nation. We will continue to produce Air Force officers of the highest caliber. Without a doubt, we will remain one of the Air Force's premier training environments for future Air Force officers.