Extra Curriculars

Drill Team

The Detachment 890 Drill Team is an armed exhibition Drill Team. That is, we perform marching routines and execute rifle movements to exhibit the precision and excellence of the United States Air Force. We use the historic M1-Garand as a tool for these purposes.

We represent the Air Force by performing numerous Honor Guards around the Grounds and community. Along with Honor Guards, we are privileged to perform numerous other ceremonies including, but not limited to, Flag-Folding Ceremonies, Retirement Ceremonies, etc. Every year we travel to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York to compete in a joint-service, multi-event, drill competition.

Members of the Drill Team have to undergo a rigorous, semester-long, initiation process. Drill Team members are recognized with a distinguishing white cord on the right shoulder of their Service Dress Uniform.


Arnold Air Society

The Arnold Air Society is the top professional, honorary, service organization in Air Force ROTC that aims to create strong, professional officers for the United States Air Force. Its central pillar is service and its members volunteer throughout the year to positively contribute to their campuses and surrounding communities. Cadets are also required to complete candidate training and attend monthly meetings. They are firmly dedicated to improving upon their leadership skills.

The Arnold Air Society is named after General Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold, the only Air Force general to hold five-star rank and one of the most renowned leaders in aviation history. Its colors are red, white, blue, and gold and its flower is the crimson glory rose. Its motto, by Duc de Boufflers is "The warrior who cultivates his mind, polishes his arms." Silver Wings is its sister organization. The Arnold Air Society's three central objectives are to facilitate a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates and especially within Air Force ROTC, assist in the development of effective Air Force officers, and promote the purpose and traditions of the United States Air Force.