World History

History Research Guide

List of best history databases, chosen by University librarians.

List of Historical Resources

A portal of world, American and Virginia history links.

Middle East Studies

Search online Middle East databases.

Turin 1911: The World's Fair in Italy

View a multimedia research tool devoted to the world's fair held in Italy.

Moral Landscape in a Sichuan Mountain Village

View an interactive presentation of fieldwork research, including artifacts, essays, photographs, a timeline and other resources explaining the history, landscape, belief, folklife, and work of the Sichuan region.

United States History

Virtual Jamestown

3D re-creations, records, and historical resources, including court and public records, essays and newspapers.

Virtual Williamsburg

Salem Witch Trials

Documentary archive and transcription project, including maps, court records, letters and images.

The Papers of George Washington

Letters written to Washington, as well as letters and documents written by him, are being published in the complete edition that will consist of approximately 90 volumes.

The Papers of James Madison

The Project was established in 1956 to publish annotated volumes of the correspondence and writings of James Madison, the Virginia statesman most often remembered for his public service as "Father of the Constitution" and as fourth U.S. president.

The Dolley Madison Project

The life, letters and legacy of Dolley Madison.

Rotunda: Founders Early Access Project

The Rotunda Founders Early Access project makes available for the first time thousands of unpublished documents from our nation's founders in a free online resource.

Declaring Independence: Creating and Re-creating America's Document:

An exhibit featuring the story behind the Declaration of Independence, from its first printing to popular nineteenth-century facsimiles.

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

Two editions of the Journals of Lewis and Clark; the published journal of Patrick Gass, a member of the Corps of Discovery; and the catalog of George Catlin's "Indian Gallery," painted on his travels with William Clark from 1830-1834.

Westward Exploration Collections

Early volumes related to westward exploration before and after the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's Corps of Discovery. Many of the volumes are extensively illustrated, and all are housed in U.Va. Library's Special Collections.

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia is a digital collection of advertisements for runaway and captured slaves and servants in 18th- and 19th-century Virginia newspapers.

Virginia Emigrants to Liberia

Between 1820 and 1865, more than 3,700 African Americans from Virginia emigrated to Liberia. Some went eagerly, others left reluctantly in exchange for freedom. In 1847, they helped establish the first African republic. Their stories illustrate meanings of race, citizenship, and nationhood in the early American republic that still resonate today.

The Valley of Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War

Thousands of letters and diaries, newspapers, speeches, and census and church records detail life in two communities on opposing sides of the Civil War.

The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Virginia's History After the Civil War

A documentary film series and website.

The Countryside Transformed: The Railroad and the Eastern Shore of Virginia, 1870-1935

A digital archive of maps, photographs, manuscripts, newspapers, public documents and other media.

Race and Place: An African-American Community in the Jim Crow South

A study of race in Charlottesville: newspapers, oral histories, maps, census data, images.

Television News of the Civil Rights Era, 1950-1970

Files and summaries, primary documents, oral history, essays, applications and more.

Wednesdays in Mississippi: Civil Rights as Women's Work

An exhibit website. Northern women of different races and faiths traveled to Mississippi to develop relationships with their southern peers and to create bridges of understanding across regional, racial, and class lines.

Afro-American Sources in Virginia: A Guide to Manuscripts

The Psychedelic '60s: Literary Tradition and Social Change

Special Collections takes a look at illicit drugs, Woodstock, hippies and protests.

The Circus in America

Surveys the history of the American circus over a 150-year period. It promotes serious scholarly research of the significant role the circus played in the growth of American society and popular culture.

Historical Census Browser

Examine state and county topics for individual census years, over time, or generate map data.

History Research Guide

Library resources for history research.

Backstory with the American History Guys

A public radio program that brings historical perspective to the events happening around us today.

University History

Short History of U.Va.

U.Va. History for Kids

In addition to a short history, kids can enjoy a U.Va. trivia game, coloring pages, word scramble and a crossword puzzle

100 Years of Life on the Lawn

An electronic exhibition that documents continuity and change in the various University communities who have called the Academical Village home since 1895.

Board of Visitors Minutes Browse List

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Charlottesville (1907 and 1920)

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are highly detailed city plans providing researchers with a wealth of information about urban change in American cities during the first half of the 20th century.

All The Hoos in Hooville: 175 Years of Life at the University of Virginia

Famous and infamous U.Va. characters, traditions and athletics highlight this online exhibit.

Breaking and Making Tradition: Women at the University of Virginia

The events, individuals, and experiences that have contributed to the history of women at U.Va