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Director's Welcome

As the students make their way back to Grounds for the new semester, the Fralin Museum of Art is pleased to introduce three new exhibitions.

Our Fall season begins in late August with Realms of Earth and Sky: Indian Painting from the 15th to 19th Centuries, curated by Daniel Ehnbom. Pieces from the Museum's permanent collection will be on display, supplemented with works from private collections. The exhibition explores the relationship between Mughal and Rajput painting across a golden age of Indian art. For the first time, we will have an app—soon to be available through the iTunes Store—to accompany this exhibition and its catalogue, enhancing the enjoyment of both.

Along with Realms, the Fralin will be hosting The Lyrical Line: Prints by Stanley Willliam Hayter and Jacques Villon, featuring works donated by the distinguished collector and alumnus T. Catesby Jones and curated by volunteer curator Stephen Margulies. Situated in the Stair Hall Gallery, this exhibition is comprised of works that possess a free-flowing quality, reflecting both the surrealist and cubist styles. Hayter's work contains organically curvilinear lines that compliment Villon’s more prismatic linearity.

Our final Fall exhibition is Gordon Parks: The Making of an Argument, a show made available by the Gordon Parks Foundation. This exhibition uses published and unpublished photographs, as well as other sources, to examine Park's debut story in Life magazine about a young Harlem gang leader, Red Jackson, an article which Park later described as being one-sided after Life had finished editing it. The Making of an Argument follows the conception, creation, and reception of Park's first story and its success.

Finally, we are proud to introduce the Clinician's Eye program. The Museum is partnering with the School of Medicine to provide guided observation classes to improve the diagnostic abilities of tomorrow’s medical professionals. After completing a successful pilot course, the program was officially accepted into the Next Generation curriculum for first year medical school students beginning this academic year.

As always, on behalf of my colleagues at The Fralin, I sincerely thank you for your engagement with the Museum. I trust you will enjoy spending time in the Museum and look forward to seeing you in our galleries soon.

Bruce Boucher, Director

— Bruce Boucher, Director

Students at The Fralin

Students viewing the Joseph Cornell exhibition at Final Friday. Photo by Stacey Evans.