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Nigel Adams - University of Georgia

Thursday, May 28 – 1:15-2:00PM


“Gas Phase Ionic Reactions: Rates and Products”


In chemical modeling of molecular synthesis in interstellar gas clouds and planetary ionospheres, a great deal of kinetic data (rate constants and products) is required. These data are for a variety of reaction mechanisms and at the temperatures appropriate to these media. The various mechanisms (predominantly charge transfer, proton transfer, hydride ion abstraction, electron attachment, associative detachment, association, electron-ion dissociative and ion-ion recombinations as well as some other more minor reactions) will be discussed. These types of measurements are made predominantly using Selected Ion Flow Tubes (SIFT) for studying ion-neutral reactions and Storage Rings and Flowing Afterglows for electron-ion recombination with the latter also being used for ion-ion recombination. These experimental methods for obtaining the data will be described.


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