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CLA has busy summer of programs in 2017

The Center for the Liberal Arts sponsored the American Shakespeare Center‘s visit to work with teachers in the Southwest Virginia Public Education Consortium in June, is assisting Project Director for Sciences Edward Murphy with a series of programs around the state helping teachers prepare for the big August 21 eclipse, and is joining other colleges and universities in developing professional development for teachers of writing in the Richmond Public Schools. For more information on these programs, write to

More than 60 schoolteachers from around the country headed to UVA and Monticello

More than 60 schoolteachers from around the country headed to UVA and Monticello during the summer of 2016 to learn more about unique digital resources that put Thomas Jefferson’s extensive records and papers directly in the hands of students across the country.

Natsuko Rohde joins CLA as Interim Associate Director

The Center for the Liberal Arts is delighted to announce that Natsuko Rohde became its Interim Associate Director on April 10, 2017. Ms. Rohde joined the CLA team after moving from Pittsburgh, where she worked as a writer and researcher for an Energy/Environmental Policy consulting firm. “My fields of interest are expanding, though, to Education and Social outreach,” she says. “I hope to promote CLA’s continuous efforts to provide lifelong learning opportunities for K-12 teachers and to support diverse communities through the program.”

CLA begins AVDF-funded work at other universities with programs at UNH and Howard

U.Va. Chosen to Host ‘Priceless’ Shakespeare Folio 400 Years After Bard’s Death

One of the most famous books in the world, the collection of plays will be on view at the University of Virginia – the only location in the commonwealth – as part of a 2016 national traveling exhibition, “First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare.” The Folger Shakespeare Library Association, in partnership with Cincinnati Museum Center and the American Library Association, is taking the tour to all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico in 2016, commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Dr. Cheryl Ayers is new CLA Associate Director:

The Center for the Liberal Arts is delighted to announce the hiring of its new Associate Director, Dr. Cheryl Ayers. A former high school teacher, Dr. Ayers has more than 15 years of experience in K-12 teacher education and professional development. She recently earned a Ph.D. degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in curriculum and teaching with an emphasis on teacher education and development. During the absence of the CLA Director, Dr. Ayers will serve as CLA’s acting director during part of the Spring 2016 semester. Under the auspices of the Curry School of Education, Dr. Ayers also serves as an advanced research specialist for the Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education.

CLA to host Prof. Deborah Parker’s Dante workshop for teachers in June 22-July 10, 2015

Center for the Liberal Arts receives third grant from Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

The Center for the Liberal Arts is delighted to announce that it has, for the third time, received funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. The new three-year grant will allow CLA to refine the one-day and one-credit professional development programs it has offered for many years, targeting subjects that particularly require fresh professional development for teachers in Virginia; it will also give CLA opportunities for disseminating its model to other institutions, by inviting visiting faculty to participate in CLA programs at UVa and sending CLA faculty Project Directors to assist in the replication of these programs at the visiting faculty members’ home institutions. Workshops and courses under the new grant will be offered beginning in Spring 2016.

CLA, Biology prof. Barry Condron, awarded grant by College of Arts and Sciences.

UVa’s College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has awarded a grant to the Center for the Liberal Arts to work with Professor Barry Condron of the Department of Biology and adapt his popular “Survival Biology” course for K-12 teachers. The project is being supervised by CLA Project Director for the Sciences Edward Murphy, with the assistant of Professor Frackson Mumba of the Curry School of Education. The College’s internal funding internal funding for science public outreach projects is supervised by Michelle Prysby, Director of Science Education and Public Outreach.

Dante workshop director’s new book is Inferno Revealed.

Prof. Deborah Parker, whose CLA workshop on Dante teachers will remember from 2009, has published Inferno Revealed: From Dane to Dan Brown (Palgrave Macmillan) with Professor Mark Parker of James Madison University. UVa Professor Jerome McGann says this about the Parkers’ new book: “In a prose that is arresting because it is so lucid and direct, Deborah and Mark Parker have written a book that explains the magic of Dante’s famous Inferno. Their discussions of Beetlejuice, Seven, and Sandow Birk’s illustrated Inferno are especially fine, as is their assessment of Dan Brown’s recent best seller, which climaxes their book. What they write of Dante might well be adapted and applied to their own book: ‘Part of Dante’s genius lies in his extraordinary ability to reduce a complex situation to gestures that are still understood today.'”

First ever History Specialists receive certificates

FLAVA highlights CLA Spanish workshop

The Foreign Language Association of Virginia site provides this account of the CLA 2013 Spring Spanish workshop on teaching poetry.

Congratulations to David Gies

Recipient of the first annual Distinguished Service Award by the Virginia Chapter of AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

Cine Con Clase Website

We’re delighted to report that Cine Con Clase has been selected by the National Endowment for the Humanities to be part of Edsitement.

Tribute by David Gies for Marilyn Barruetta