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Note: This list includes most of the University faculty who have already established a connection with the Program. However, there is no reason why other faculty members could not be asked to serve as mentors or thesis advisors.)

Benjamin Bennett
History and theory of drama and theater; history and theory of reading; the philosophical wing of feminism and psychoanalysis; literature and nationalism, especially literature and 20C totalitarianism; literature around 1800 and around 1900.

Ari Blatt
Modern and contemporary France (culture, fiction, film), and comparative approaches to word and image studies.

Paul Cantor
English and German literature, postcolonial literature.

Kandioura Dram
Francophone African literature
(French colonial literature, early Francophone, Negritude, and Post-Negritude writers; Essays, Fiction, and Poetry); African cinema, oral traditions, and contemporary African music and arts.

Jessica Feldman
19C and early 20C American, British, and French literature; gender; Aestheticism and fin de si�cle.

Rita Felski
Feminist theory; literary theory and cultural studies; modernism and postmodernism; 20C French, German and English literature (novel and drama).

David Gies
18-19C Spanish literature and culture; Spanish film.

Jeffrey Grossman
Late 18C-early 20C German literature; 20C English and American literature; Yiddish literature; cultural studies; problems in literary translation and transmission.

Robert Hueckstedt
Sanskrit literature and modern Hindi literature.

Volker Kaiser
Literary theory; German intellectual history; aesthetics and poetics in German classicism and romanticism; lyric poetry.

Anne Kinney
Classical Chinese language; Tang Poetry;
Chinese fiction (A.D. 618-1911): cultural history,
literature, gender and thought in early China (1200
B.C.-AD 220).

Clare Kinney
Renaissance (& some medieval) European literature; some classical literature in translation.

Lorna Martens
18-20C German and comparative literature; narrative and narrative theory; autobiography; poetry; women's studies; literary theory.

Farzaneh Milani
Muslim women writers in the Middle East and North Africa; writing women's lives; Persian Literature.

Margarita Nafpaktitis
20C Russian and Central European cultures; Russian modernism and Polish fiction; Soviet representations of America; interactions between photography and literature; theories of space, transition, and everyday life.

Gustavo Pellon
Latin American narrative and poetry; Cuban literature and culture; Afro-Hispanic literature; comparative approaches to French and Latin American literature and comparative North and Latin American literature; kitsch theory; literary theory; translation.

Randolph Pope
Spanish and Latin American novel; European realist novel; literary theory; Realism; literature and art; literature and philosophy; literature and popular culture.

Jahan Ramazani
Postcolonial literatures; English-language modern and contemporary
poetry from around the world; cross-cultural dimensions of modernism and postcolonialism; Caribbean poetry, African poetry, South Asian poetry.

Jennifer Tsien
18C French literature; history and theory of satire; 17C and 18C aesthetics in France and Britain; conceptions of taste (especially bad taste).

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