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Climate change impacts and adaptation options have been identified by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. However, the relevant analytical process and results have not been integrated to regional planning efforts. Thus, there is a need for methods and tools that allow for climate change impacts to be considered in transportation long-range plans.

A scenario-informed multicriteria priority-setting analysis framework is developed to support the FHWA climate change vulnerbility and risk assessment conceptual model, in three layers:

  • Layer 1: Baseline multicriteria priority-setting for the regional Long-Range Transportation Plan;
  • Layer 2: Climate-inclusive scenarios and priorities for projects;
  • Layer 3: Climate-inclusive scenarios and four types of priorities (projects, assets, TAZs, policies).


James H. Lambert

- Associate Director, Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems,

- Research Associate Professor, Department of Systems and Information Engineering; University of Virginia

PO Box 400747; 112C Olsson Hall, 151 Engineers Way

Charlottesville, VA 22904

Office: (434)982-2072; Fax: (434)924-0865


Haowen You

- Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems; University of Virginia


Project Reports

- Our final report summarizes the significance, process, and results of the Virginia pilot. Mathematical statement of the proposed framework and user guide for software workbook are attached as appendices.


- Priority setting for transportation projects (HRTPO identified projects for 2035 long-range transportation plan)
- Priority setting for multimodal policies (VTrans twenty-year horizon multimodal policies)
- Priority setting for infrastructure assets (Highway, bridges, tunnels, operations systems)
- Priority setting for traffic analysis zones (TAZs) vulnerable to climate (HRPDC studies identified Hampton Roads locations)


- FHWA Climate Change (CC) final pilot webinar, Jan 4th, 2012
- FHWA Climate Change (CC) second pilot peer exchange, Olympia, Washington, September 26th, 2011
- FHWA Climate Change (CC) first pilot peer exchange, Newark, New Jersey, May 4th, 2011