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Master’s Degree Program

The Department of Computer Science offers two Master's degrees. Both degrees require the completion of 30 credit hours. The Master of Computer Science (MCS) requires completion of a research project. The Master of Science (MS) requires completion of a thesis describing research of publishable quality. The thesis must be defended before a committee consisting of the advisor and at least two other faculty members in Computer Science.

In addition to the requirements listed here, the student is responsible for completing all relevant SEAS Degree Requirements and forms.

2.1 Required Courses The following courses are required for all graduate degrees in Computer Science:

  • CS 696 - Computer Science Perspectives
  • CS 654 - Computer Organization
  • CS 660 - Computability and Complexity
  • CS 656 - Operating Systems
  • One graduate-level mathematics course
  • Three 600-level or higher elective courses (excluding advanced seminar courses)

All courses must be approved by the student's graduate advisor.

Students pursuing the MCS degree must complete two advanced seminar courses (non-lecture style courses) and CS 895 (Supervised Projects) under the direction of a faculty advisor. Students pursuing the MS degree must complete one advanced seminar course and six hours of CS 898 (Masters Research) under the direction of their thesis advisor.

As a rule, 500-level CS courses cannot be taken as a part of the plan of studies for graduate degrees. However, from time to time a specific 500-level CS course (primarily the occasional 500-level special topic course) may be acceptable for graduate credit. In all cases the course must be approved by the student's advisor or advisory committee ahead of time.

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