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Computer Science Colloquia

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Ricky Benitez

Host: ACM-W

THN D115, 15:30:00

Storage Challenges at Google

As the amount of information generated by our internet society grows quickly, the storage needed to organize it also grows. This growth creates many of the current and future challenges facing the Linux kernel storage team responsible for Google's low level storage infrastructure. These challenges include the need to increase storage utilization, reduce infrastructure costs, and incorporate new storage technologies. Among the topics discussed are proportional IO, the disk seek barrier and the rise of non-volatile memory.

Ricky Benitez has an MS (1989) and PhD (1994) from the University of Virginia. He worked at Hewlett Packard producing state of the art compiler technology for superscalar PA-RISC processors and managing teams that did ground-breaking work in the area of dynamic translation and just-in-time optimization. He has co-founded three companies during his career focused on delivering high performance applications over the internet, web analytics solutions and automotive control systems. He is currently working with the production kernel storage team at Google in Mountain View, CA helping to design and develop the next generation storage technologies.

Reception in OLS 226D (Student Lounge) after talk