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Computer Science Colloquia

Monday, March 14, 2011
Enamul Hoque
Advisor: John A. Stankovic
Attending Faculty: Chair, John Lach

Olsson Hall 228E, 10:00:00

A Master's Project Presentation
Monitoring Body Positions and Movements During Sleep using WISPs

Sleep monitoring is very important for elderly people as inadequate and irregular sleep are often related to serious diseases such as depression and diabetes. In many cases, it is necessary to monitor the body positions and movements made while sleeping because of their relationships to particular diseases (i.e., sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome). Analyzing movements during sleep also helps in determining sleep quality and irregular sleeping patterns. This paper presents a sleep monitoring system based on the WISP platform - active RFID-based sensors equipped with accelerometers. We show how our system accurately infers fine-grained body positions from accelerometer data collected from the WISPs attached to the bed mattress. Movements and their duration are also detected by the system. We present the results of our empirical study from 10 subjects on three different mattresses in controlled experiments to show the accuracy of our inference algorithms. Finally, we evaluate the accuracy of the movement detection and body position inference for six nights on one subject, and compare these results with two baseline systems: one that uses bed pressure sensors and the other is an iPhone application.