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Key: 1 = Member of the National Academy of Engineering | 2 = Fellow of a Professional Society |
3 = Industry/Professional Society Award Winner | 4 =Endowed Chair

Department Chair and Professor

Mary Lou Soffa 2,3,4Virtual executing environments, optimizing compilers, compilers for embedded systems, program analysis, debugging and testing, path sensitive analysis


Jack Davidson 2,3Computer security, compilers, code generation, optimization, embedded systems, computer architecture
Andrew Grimshaw Grid computing, high-performance parallel computing, compilers for parallel systems, operating systems
John Knight 3Software reliability and software engineering
Paul Reynolds Modeling and simulation technology, parallel and distributed systems, computing for the blind
Gabriel RobinsVLSI CAD, algorithms, computational geometry, optimization, bioinformatics, and RFID
Kevin Skadron 3Computer architecture, especially: multi-core and multi-threaded chip architectures, CPU/GPU convergence, and novel processor organizations; architectures for managing power, temperature, and reliability; applications of control theory to computer architecture; and architectural modeling and simulation methodology
Sang SonReal-time computing, database and data services, QoS management, wireless sensor networks, and information security
John Stankovic 2,3,4Real-time computing, cyber physical systems, wireless sensor networks, and wireless energy and health applications
Alfred Weaver 2Computer networks, network protocols, telemedicine, electronic commerce, medical data privacy and security
William Wulf 1,2,3National science policy, architecture, security, and hardware-software codesign

Associate Professors

Aaron Bloomfield Computer science education, computer graphics, virtual reality and haptics
James Cohoon 3Algorithms, design automation, computational geometry, parallel computing, probabilistic search, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and diversity in computer science education
David EvansComputer security, program analysis, RFID privacy and security.
Sudhanva GurumurthiComputer architecture, storage systems, energy-efficient computing
Kim HazelwoodVirtualization, optimizing compilers, computer architecture, binary modification, embedded systems
Tom HortonComputer science education, software engineering, text analysis, humanities computing
Marty HumphreyCloud computing, virtualization, eScience (e.g., for cancer research, environmental research such as fluxdata.org)
Worthy MartinComputer vision, human vision, robotics, genetic algorithms, image databases, and artificial intelligence
Kevin SullivanSoftware engineering, architectures, evolution, and economics
Westley Weimer Automated program repair, static and dynamic analyses for software quality and reliability

Assistant Professors

Jason LawrenceComputer Graphics, realistic surface appearance, and physically-based rendering
Abhi ShelatCryptography, security, and game theory
Mark SherriffSoftware engineering, software reliability, computer science education, mobile computing, agile software development, and extreme programming
Kamin WhitehouseWireless networking, wireless sensor networks, distributed systems, parallel systems

Professor Emeritus

Alan Batson Computer systems, computer architecture, computer performance
John PfaltzDatabases and parallel computing, discrete math, anti-matroid closure-spaces
Anita Jones 1,2,3,4Distributed systems, high performance systems, computer simulation, intrusion detection, survivable information systems, protection and security, and national science and engineering policy

Key: 1 = Member of the National Academy of Engineering | 2 = Fellow of a Professional Society |
3 = Industry/Professional Society Award Winner | 4 =Endowed Chair