Decoding Sympa

Have you ever wanted to know how to decode Sympa? Well today is your day the vault has been unlocked to unleash all knowledge pertaining to Sympa.  This article will cover the basic functions of Sympa and how to update the information throughout the year.

How to log into Sympa

The first step to logging into Sypma is typing in the address bar. Once you arrive at the page you will need to sign-in using your Netbadge login. You have now opened the vault and will enter Sympa.

How to Create a List

At the top of the page click on “Create List”.  When creating your list name make it is all one word or use a dash (-) to separate words. Do not include “” at the end of your list name, this will be placed after your list name after the list is created.

When deciding on a list type think about the users who will be interacting with your listserv.  If you create a list with archives all messages sent will be cached on the listserv. This would be ideal if you need to reference messages sent out to members.  If you create a list without archives no messages will be cached on the listserv.

The type of the list can always be adjusted and changed after the creation of the listserv.

*NOTE* Archives and No Archives must be chosen when the list is first created.

The Subject Line can be a brief description about the listserv. This description will appear when a search is done for the listserv.

The Topic of the listserv is optional, but can be useful to categorize your listserv in the appropriate area.

The description of the listserv is a longer description of the purpose of the listserv. This description will be included in an email to each new subscriber.

Once all the fields are filled out with the appropriate information, click on “Submit your creation request”


Start on the main page of Sypma with all of your listservs listed on the left hand side.

1)      Click “Admin” next to  the group you manage

2)      Click on “Edit List Config” on the left hand side of the page

3)      Click on List Definition (on the left or in the middle of the page)

4)      Scroll down to the section labeled “Owner”

5)      Update the email address and Name of the owner

6)      After updating the information scroll down to the bottom of the page

7)      Click “Update” to confirm your changes

8)      This message “Configuration file has been updated” should appear at the top of the screen.

9)      If this message does not appear ensure there are no spaces after the email address or name. Once you have checked this you can click on “update” again.

Manage Subscribers

1)      Under the admin section on the left hand side click on “Manage Subscribers”

1)      Adding Subscribers

  1. Add subscribers one at a time
    1. Enter their email in the yellow box next to the “add” button
    2. Click on “add” to add the subscriber to the list
  2. Add multiple subscribers to the list at one time
    1. Click on the “Multiple Add” button
    2. Highlight and delete all information in the  yellow box
    3. Type the subscribers email address, hit the space bar one, then type the subscribers name
      1. You do not have to type the subscribers name if you do not know it
    4. You can also copy and paste a list of email address directly into the box
    5. Click “add subscribers” when done
  3. Add subscribers quietly
    1. You can always subscribe members quietly by checking the “quiet” box in either method. If the quiet box is checked the subscriber will not be notified of being added to the list.

3)      Removing Subscribers

  1. Click the box to the left of the subscriber(s) you want to remove from the list
  2. Click on “Delete selected email addresses” to remove the subscriber(s)
  3. If you wish to remove them quietly check the quiet box next to the “Delete selected email addresses”
  4. If you wish to remove subscribers in mass you can click on “Toggle Selection” to select all subscribers.
    i.      Once all subscribers are selected you can choose select subscribers to stay on the list by unchecking the box next to their name

4)      Creating a list of all Subscribers on the Listserv

  1. Click Dump w/Name at the top of this “Manage Subscribers” section
  2. This list will give you a list with all email addresses and names of subscribers to your list
    i.      The names will only populate if they have been connected to the email address

How to Change/Update the List Type

1)      Click admin next to  the group you manage

2)      Click on “Edit List Config” on the left hand side of the page

3)      Click on “Sending/Reception” on the left side of the page

4)      At the type of the page under “Who can send messages” select your new list type from the drop down menu.

5)      Once the new list type is selected scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Update”

I hope this brief article helped you understand how to create and update a listserv on the SYMPA system. If you have more questions in how to utilize SYMPA to your organizations fullest capability please do not hesitate to contact the Student Activities staff at