2013 ACC Leadership Conference

The 2013 ACC Leadership Conference is a 3-day leadership learning opportunity to engage student leaders across the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Fulfilling their commitment to develop and support student leaders of all its member institutions, the ACC proudly supports and makes possible the annual ACC Student Leadership Conference.  At the University, the Office of the Dean of Students – Student Activities facilitates the selection process for attending this conference.

The 2013 conference theme centers on the civic engagement and volunteerism. Over the course of the weekend, students will serve and interact with volunteers, reflect and debrief with volunteer managers, and hear the stories of organizational leaders. Students will experience the process of civic engagement and leadership by identifying a community need, conceptualizing an approach to address this need, publicly proposing an action plan, and debating the ideal course of engagement in a democratic forum.

The conference is scheduled for April 5 – 7, 2013 and will be hosted at Boston College.

The following is important information about the Leadership Conference:

  • All conference expenses (hotel, travel, food) are covered by the ACC. Student participants will not be responsible for covering any expenses associated with the conference.
  • 5 student leaders and 1 representative from the Office of the Dean of Students-Student Activities will attend the conference. All participants will travel and fly together to Boston for this conference.
  • The conference is scheduled for April 5 – 7, 2013 and will be hosted at Boston College in Boston MA.  All student participants must commit to attend the entire conference.
  • Final conference details will be provided in February. Prior to attending the conference, all student participants will be required to attend a pre-trip meeting (date and time to be determined).

Please contact Kendra Paisley (kp7nw@virginia.edu) with any questions about this great opportunity.