IMPT: 2013 CIO Information

As we start a new year, Student Activities would like to remind CIO leaders of important information and dates.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email

FUNDRAISING INFORMATION AND FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES. Please review the section below for information on fundraising and funding information:

Student Council Appropriations


  • January 28th: RR IV submission due
  • February 6th: RR IV hearing
  • April 15th: Last day to make purchase and submit for reimbursement with ODOS Business Services


  • February 25th: RR V submission due
  • March 6th: RR V hearing
  • April 30th: Last day to make purchase and submit for reimbursement with ODOS Business Services


  • March 25th: RR VI submission due
  • April 3rd: RR VI hearing
  • April 30th: Last day to make purchase and submit for reimbursement with ODOS Business Services

Cultural Programming Board

The CPB functions primarily as a monetary resource for members of the University community who contribute innovative and wide-reaching cultural events.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for an upcoming event, please visit our website.  For any additional questions or clarifications please contact Julie Roa at

Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA)

VPSA seeks to promote positive, healthy avenues of engagement in University life and, specifically, on-Grounds activities of interest to students as alternatives to events that involve alcohol.  Program funding is event-specific, and may only be used to pay pre-approved expenses for that event.   Application must be completed on the VPSA website.

Additional Funding Sources can be located on the Student Activities website:

POLICIES. Please take a few minutes to read over the policies highlighted below.  As a CIO, you have agreed to abide by the University policies listed below.  A full list of University policies can be found at

Chalking/Posting Policy

As CIOs look to promote activities and events, we are asking for your cooperation and adherence to the University Posting & Chalking Policy.  While the policy spells out requirements and expectations, the overarching spirit of the policy is to ensure the lasting beauty of the Grounds. More specifically, chalking on brick sidewalks and buildings can lead to significant damage to these structures. Please remind your members of this policy and our shared responsibility to preserve the University’s appearance.

Sales, Solicitation, and Fundraising Policy

As CIOs look to fundraise and solicit for activities and events, we are asking for your cooperation and adherence to the University Fundraising/Solicitation Policy.  While the policy spells out requirements and expectations, the overarching spirit of the policy is to support the advancement of University or student organization goals and only secondarily those of a corporate sponsor.

For the purposes of this policy, solicitation is defined as selling, promoting for the purpose of future sales, commercial advertising, and canvassing. Fundraising is defined as any activity held by a student organization for the purpose of generating revenue to support the programs and activities sponsored by the organization.

Copyright Policy

Thinking about showing a movie at your next event or meeting? STOP AND READ FIRST!

In order to be able to reserve space to show a movie, you must make sure you have a public performance license. Why and what’s that, you ask? Copyright law states that when showing a movie that considered a public performance you must obtain the correct royalties/license as to not break copyright law. A public performance is defined by, “a place open to the public or any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family or its social acquaintances are gathered.” It doesn’t matter if you own the movie, aren’t charging admission, just having an informal gathering, or you rented the movie, if the showing is going to take place in a public place you must obtain a license. Those that do not take measures to get a license will not be able to reserve space and could potentially face substantial fines. Have Questions and want to license a movie contact Swank Motion Pictures at or the Student Activities Office at


Hazing is prohibited by state law and University policy. The University does not condone hazing in any form and all CIOs are required to abide by the University policy on hazing.

For more information on policies pertaining to CIOs please visit this site:

RESERVATIONS. As an active CIO, you are able to make reservations on Grounds.  All reservations are made through the SOURCE or you can visit the Event Planning Office located on the fourth floor of Newcomb.  With the use of all space, remember to treat the space in a respectful manner and to make sure it is returned to its original condition after use. Below is summary of important space reservation information.

  • Newcomb Spaces: ODOS Event Planning is currently scheduling events in these spaces for Spring 2013: Newcomb Hall rooms, UVa Chapel, Ern Commons, Forum at O’Hill, Lambeth Commons and Conference Room, Runk Green Room, and Student Activities Building (SAB). If interested in these spaces, we recommend that you submit a request via the SOURCE as soon as possible.
  • Academic Spaces: Requests for using academic classrooms must be done via the SOURCE. For detailed information on reserving academic space, please click here.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need more clarification, please email

For further detail on space and availability please visit the Newcomb Hall Event Planning website:

SAC& MAC RESOURCES. As an active CIO, you are able to use the resources found in the Student Activities Center (SAC) and Media Activities Center (MAC).  For a list of resources visit

CIO AGREEMENT/CLUB SPORTS AGREEMENT. In the new year, please take some time to review the CIO Agreement and Club Sports Agreement.  The agreements can be found here   It is especially important to review the CIO Agreement if your CIO has transitioned this semester.  If you are a club sport, please make sure you read over the agreement because it has been revised.

  • Please remember to use the University’s name as “XYZ Club at UVa” if you are creating urls, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, t-shirts, etc.  CIOs also need to seek approval to use University logos (Rotunda or Sabers) before posting them on flyers, website pages, t-shirts, etc.   This information can be found in section 4 of the CIO Agreement.
  • Please remember to include the non-affiliation language in section 3 of the CIO agreement on Facebook pages, websites, formal email communication, etc.  The CIO agreement also covers information about taxes, liability (language for members to read over), funding, use of facilities, etc.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kendra Paisley at

SPACE ALLOCATION PROCESS. Information about space allocations will be going out in mid-February if you are interested in space for 2013-2014.  If you currently have space, you will need to reapply for the new school year.

CIO RENEWALS. CIO renewal for 2013-2014 will start in April.  Please remember ALL CIOs are required to renew their CIO during that time.  Information about renewals will be going out in mid-March.  For more information, please visit the Student Activities website.

UPDATE PRIMARY CONTACT IN ATUVA. If your CIO has transitioned, please remember to have the old primary contact update atUVa with the new primary contact.  This is how Student Activities communicates with CIOs, so it is very important to make sure the contact is up to date.  This video tutorial can help you update your primary contact  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact

STUDENT ACTIVITIES. The Staff in Student Activities exists to provide services, support, information, and consultation to CIO leaders. Located in Newcomb 164, the staff is available to field questions, troubleshoot and assist CIOs in all aspects of leadership and organizational development. Please stop in to Newcomb 164 or email us at

STUDENT ACTIVITIES SOCIAL MEDIA. Student Activities has several social media outlets that you can interact with us on. Please check out the different outlets and share this with your friends and other organizations: