Officer Transitions

Your year as an officer is coming to an end and new officers are being selected. How do you leave your position gracefully? How do you ensure that the new officers are ready to continue to provide your organization with strong leadership?

Start Early!

  • Identify emerging leaders in your group early in the year.
  • Encourage leadership development through personal contact and mentoring with members

New officers have been elected. Now what?

  • Plan an Officer Transfer Meeting (see below)
  • Revise or create officer position description and officer notebook.
  • Create year-end report: include descriptions of major projects, completed programs and events, challenges and outcomes, and suggestions for future planning.
  • Ensure all records, reports and bills are filed and up-to-date.

Potential Officer Transition Meeting Outline:

Part I: Group Information Sharing

  • Allow new and old officers to evaluate the previous year together (see Evaluating your CIO one-sheet)

Part II: One-on-One Officer Sharing

  • Match outgoing and incoming officers by position and have them discuss responsibilities, goals, ongoing projects, past challenges, ideas for the future, and the officer notebook.

Part III: A meeting Run by Outgoing and Incoming Officers

  • Having incoming officers conduct a meeting with outgoing officers present to offer support
  • After the meeting, all the officers evaluate the meeting and take notes for improvement