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Invigorating a Community of Trust
Envisioning Integrity

Take a look at what we've accomplished, what we have planned, and who we are.

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Ethics at the University of Virginia

At a time when ethical scandals have shaken public confidence in business, media, and other national institutions, a new program is working to infuse integrity into all areas of University life. Launched by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Patricia Lampkin, the Envisioning Integrity effort seeks to instill the quality of good character and citizenship in all students and to encourage faculty, administrators, and staff to be exemplars of these qualities in their day-to-day activities.

Envisioning Integrity intends to help everyone on Grounds to understand the importance of ethical conduct in the workings of the University. It is also fostering the integration of such values as honesty, fair play, and respect for the individual in all personal and professional activities.

In cooperation with the Honor Committee and the Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life, Envisioning Integrity is moving forward with a number of initiatives, such as dorm talks for first-year students, seminars for graduate students and faculty, roundtable discussions on student life based on real-world vignettes, summer orientation sessions for parents, and media outreach. Future projects include seminars for faculty and staff and expanding alumni programs.

Integrity and trust are the basis for all social, economic, and political exchanges. They are core values of a democratic society. Part of being an excellent university is to provide lifetime learning in good character and citizenship.

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