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Web at Surface Science Western, with an e-mail list and useful links

Surface Science Links, from the University of Washington. 

Other Course Material on the Web

Surface chemistry course (Dr. Roger Nix, U. London)

Surface physics class notes (John Venables, Arizona St. U.)

Student-written tutorials on surface physics and surface analysis (U. Guelph, Canada)

List of tutorials

Physical vapor deposition tutorial (Society of Vacuum Coaters)

Vacuum gages (Society of Vacuum Coaters)

Useful Data

Visualize surface crystallographys using the Surface Explorer

LEED I(V) databank at SUNY-Stony Brook.

Auger and XPS database at York University (UK).

Auger energy graphs form for University of Guelph (Canada)1

Energies of electronic energy levels, XPS and Auger lines.



Surface science programs links

Educational surface science programs from Rich Masel (Illinois)

Download Acrobat 5 reader for reading class material that I will post or e-mail.

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