No Picture AvailableABDUL KARIM, Eaman Tahir
B.S Al-Mustansiriyah University, Physics, 1992
M.S. University of Technology Baghdad, Lasar Physics, 1996
Advisor: Professor Leonid Zhigeli
Research: Computational Materials Modeling

No Picture AvailableCHEUNG, Andrew
B.A. Univeristy of Virginia, Physics and Astronomy, 2003
M.S. Georgia Tech, Physics, 2006
Advisor: Professors Gary Shifflet and Joe Poon
Research: Lightweight Amorphous Metals

No Picture AvailableCOMES, Ryan
B.S. Carnegie Mellon, Physics and Electrical Engineering, 2008
Advisor: Professor Stu Wolf
[top] Research: Multiferroic Oxides for use in Magnetic Quantum Cellular Automata

No Picture AvailableERWIN, Justin
B.S. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Physics & Mathematics, 2007
M.S. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Applied Mathmatics, 2008
Advisor: Professor Bob Johnson
Research: Atomospheric Dynamics of the Dwarf Planet Pluto

No Picture AvailableLARKIN, Leighann
B.S. SUNY Rochester
Advisor: Professor Pam Norris
Research: Aerogel Materials
No Picture AvailableLi, Xiaopu
B.S. Peking University, Physics, 2011
Advisor: Professor Joe Poon
No Picture Available McCLIMON, J. Brandon
B.S. University of Michigan, Engineering Physics, 2003
Advisor: Professor Petra Reinke
[top] Research: Carbon-rich Tungsten Carbide Surfaces for Advanced Catalyst Applications
No Picture Available MITCHELL, Emma
B.S. Vassar College, Physics, 2010
Advisor: Professor Raul Baragiola

No Picture AvailablePETERSON, Alexander
Advisor: Professor Joe Poon

No Picture AvailableO'DONNELL, Sarah Elizabeth
Advisor: Professor Petra Rienke

No Picture AvailableOH, Eun Suk
B.S. Swarthmore College, Engineering
M.S. Johns Hopkins Univeristy, Physics
Advisor: Cass Sackett
No Picture AvailableRODGERS, Theron
B.S. University of Missouri-Columbia, Physics, 2008
Advisor: Professor Haydn Wadley
No Picture AvailableSCHAIBLE, Micah James
B.S. Montana Technical University, Mechincal Engineering, 2009
Advisor: Raul Baragiola
Research: Electrostatic Charging of Dust Particles on Planetary Surface Bodies
No Picture Available SINDEN-REDDING, Mackenzie
B.S. University of Memphis, Electrical Engineering, Mathmatics, and Physics, 2010
Advisor: Professor Pam Norris
[top] Research: Aerogel Material Applications
matt steiner STEINER, Matt
B.S. Columbia University, Engineering Physics, 2008
Advisor: Professor James Fitz-Gerald
Research: Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation of Inorganic Nanoparticles via Metal-Organic Precursors, and the Pulsed Laser Deposition of Nanoparticles and Thin Films
No Picture AvailableWOODSON, Adam
B.S. Truman State University, Physics and Mathematics, 2001
Advisor: Professor Raul Baragiola
Research: Measurement of electrons emitted from thin carbon foils due to collisions with energetic atoms, analysis of data and detection efficiency for the Cassini Ion Mass Spectrometer, development of an improved ion mass spectrometer design for future space missions