Research Groups

Haydn Wadley (MSE)
Petra Reinke (MSE)
Jiwei Lu (MSE)
Joshua Choi (ChemE)
David Green (ChemE)
Raul Barragiola (EP/MSE)
Robert Johnson (EP/MSE)
Ian Harrison (Chemistry)
Blaine Norum (Physics)
Charles Sackett (Physics)

These are examples. An EP student can have an advisor in any department of SEAS or Physics.


General Track

The general track represents the classic Engineering Physics course of study, which has been used for several decades. The named tracks were developed to guide students who are focused on a specific area of study, but the EP programs offers a highly individualized approach to research and course work and as such the "general track" includes a wide range of different research areas.

Students who follow the general track do research in fluid dynamics in turbines, study planetary atmospheres, observe the catalytic reactions at carbide surfaces, and work on the fabrication of novel oxide-base memory devices. Research groups from several departments are involved and students interested in pursuing work, which requires a strong physics background in Medical Imaging, Environmental Science, or Chemistry can do so with the individual course of study offered in the general track.  Students on the general track will also follow the Physics Core Course Curriculum as noted below.

Physics Core Courses
note: at least one of these course packages has to be completed by all EP students

Quantum Mechanics I and II PHYS 7610 (Fall) PHYS 7620 (Spring)
Theoretical Mechanics /
Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 7010 (Fall) PHYS 7210 (Spring)
Electricity and Magnetism I/II       PHYS 7410 (Fall) PHYS 7420 (Spring)