April 8, 1997

Members Present:
Ronald Berube
Donal Day
Thomas Dowd
Rob Walker Freer
Karen Grandage
Martin Hoard
Douglas Hurd
Jennie Moody
Matthew Morris
Mary Smith

Members Absent:
Elizabeth Fortune
Graham Grove
Claire Kaplan
Gail McDaniel
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Also Present:
Suzanne Louis

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: Welcome to New Members

Doug welcomed the six new members in attendance who were recently elected to the GFC. These includ Ronald Berube, Donal Day, Thomas Dowd, Martin Hoard, Matthew Morris, and Mary Smith. Other new members who were not present are Wayne Smith and Elizabeth Fortune.
Doug provided background information to the new members about the history and purpose of the General Faculty Council. Jennie Moody, as Chair of the Policy Committee, told them about that Committee's recent work. New Council members also asked questions of the "older" members.

2. Topic: Report from the Policy Committee

Jennie provided an update on the Policy Committee's meeting that had been held right before the GFC meeting began. The Committee members have decided that one of the first steps to address should be making sure that all new general faculty have the opportunity to attend a UVa orientation session that goes beyond the current Benefits session. They would like to meet with Leonard Sandridge to talk about general faculty orientations and evaluations to better understand the current structure and look ahead to changes that could be made.

Jennie also reported that the Policy Committee needs additional GFC members to stay in compliance with the By-Laws. Currently, the non-GFC membership is the majority.

Action: Mary Smith, Donal Day and Thomas Dowd volunteered to join the Policy Committee.

Suzanne Louis, attending as a visitor from the WFPA, encouraged Council members to become familiar with the policies affecting the general faculty that are on the Provost's Web page. She distributed a sheet with that address on it. Karen mentioned that there is a link to these policies from the current General Faculty Council Web page, available at

There was a lively discussion about policy issues and the role of the Policy Committee in general. Some questioned whether it was wrong to remove policy issues from the larger GFC agenda. The role of the Policy Committee was clarified as being primarily a group that will take issues raised by the larger body, investigate them by doing background work, and then report their recommendations back to the Council at large for further action.

The charge to the Committee remains, in part to ..." identify, organize and make conveniently accessible University policies that apply specifically to general faculty. It will continually review these policies and will make recommendations for changes or additions to the Council."

Action: The Policy Committee will investigate surveys or studies of other Universities and their policies for general faculty. They will prepare a proposal and bring it back to the Council for discussion. A meeting will be requested with Leonard Sandridge once a firm proposal is in hand.

3. Topic: Report from the Elections Committee
Karen reported that the ballots had been mailed for the last 2 spots to be filled on the Council from the Medical School. The voting deadline is April 18th. At that time the Council will have its full membership.

4. Topic: Election of New Officers
The business of the Council ran overtime and many members had left before elections could be held for Chair and Secretary of the Council for 1997/98.

Action: It was decided to hold elections at next month's meeting.

5. Next Meeting: May 13, 1997, in Peabody 110, 1:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.