DECEMBER 12, 1995


Beth Picknally Camden
Virginia Germino
*Shawn Campbell
*Dearing Johns
*James Clark
Ann Loper
*Mark Doherty
*James McGowan
Colleen Fitzpatrick
William Randolph
Hilton Fowler
Valdrie Walker
*Indicates Members Absent

1. Topic: Introductions

Valerie Walker was introduced as the new member of the General Faculty Council who replaces Richard Sealock. Marva Barnett was introduced as a guest representing the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

2. Topic: Faculty Senate Collaboration

Bill Randolph reported on his recent meeting with representatives of the Faculty Senate which addressed the following issues:

3. Council Secretary

Beth Picknally Camden presented her letter of resignation as the Council secretary, effective at the January meeting. Another member of Council will need to take on this role.

Bill Randolph will look into obtaining clerical support for the Council, to take minutes of meetings, send out notices, etc.

4. Council elections

Bill Randolph will head the Elections Committee for the annual elections. Additional Council members are need to work on this group.

5. Changes to the Bylaws

The following changes to the bylaws were approved by Council, and will be placed on the ballot for approval by the General Faculty. Previous wording is shown in brackets

a. section V.A: "There shall be 18 [12] elected, voting members of the Council."

b. section V.B: "Members of the Council shall serve for a term of three [two] council years, commencing in April of the year in which they are elected."

c. Section VI. E. "In order to provide continuity of membership, six members of council shall be elected each year [during even-numbered years, with the remaining six selected during odd-numbered years]." It was decided to not recommend change of section VIII.D which states that a quorum shall consist of 7 members, in order that the monthly meeting of the Council will have adequate attendance to conduct business. If these changes are approved by the General Faculty at large, the 96/97 Council will develop a plan for implementation.

6. Appreciation of Attendance by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee Member

Council members expressed their appreciation for the significant contributions at this meeting by Marva Barnett and extended invitation for future meetings.

7. Next Meeting: January 9, 1996, in Peabody 110, 1-3 P.M.

Submitted by Hilton Fowler, M.D.