February 11, 1997

Members Present:
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Rob Walker Freer
Virginia Germino
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Douglas Hurd
Claire Kaplan
Gail McDaniel
Jennie Moody

Members Absent:
Dearing Johns
Danny Wilmer

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: Welcome to New Members

Doug introduced and welcomed new member, Gail McDaniel to the other GFC members in attendance. Gail represents Student Affairs.

2. Topic: Report from Graham Grove

Graham reported that the Medical Center is moving to codified autonomy. There is a rumor, that as a result, the Medical Center was going to abolish general faculty. With the passage of this legislation, there will be a complete re-design of the human resources system and categories of employment. The general faculty category will be looked at and changed, but probably not deleted. The Medical Center hopes that these changes will allow for more timely flexibility in their staffing and management practices.

3. Topic: Labor Rights Teach-In

Claire Kaplan reported that there will be a Labor Rights Teach-In at UVa February 27 - 28. It will be modeled after one held recently at Columbia, and the goals will be to engage the Academic Village in a dialog about worker's rights and trade unions. Claire said that they would like a member of the General Faculty Council, to join other groups such as the Faculty Senate, in sending someone to issue a welcome at the Thursday night session. Julian Bond and other notables such as Ralph Nader will be among the Thursday night speakers.

Action: Claire made a motion that the Council be represented at the Labor Rights Teach-In. It was seconded and approved. Claire was selected to perform the official "welcome" on behalf of the General Faculty Council.

4. Topic: Communicating with Constituents

Karen would like to formalize a better method of communication between Councilors and their Constituents. There was a brief discussion about how to use the better defined categories, that Rob has prepared, to make it easier for GFC members to know who they are representing. Then they can develop their own method for appropriate communication.

Action: It was decided to table further discussion on this issue until the elections are completed.

5. Topic: Election Update

There was some confusion about when GFC members' terms expire. It was determined that:

6. Topic: General Discussion

Colleen said how much she has appreciated receiving the legislative updates that Doug has been forwarding from Collette Capone's office. Colleen has been forwarding them to others she works with to help keep them informed about the delayed pay issue. Others also thanked Doug and Collette for their fine work in keeping the Council informed about legislative matters.

7. Topic: Next Meeting

The next GFC meeting will be March 11,1997, in Peabody 110, 1:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.