JULY 14, 1993


* John Alexander
Ann Loper
Pam Bouchard
Julia Martin
Beth Camden
* Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
* Richard McGuire
Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

The minutes of the June 16, 1993 meeting were approved.


Role of Professional Faculty in University Organization - Ann Loper followed up on the distinctions made between types of faculty. The University makes a distinction between the Faculty and the General Faculty. A further distinction is made within the general faculty between Academic general faculty and Administrative/Professional general faculty. Policies and procedures have been written for the Academic general faculty and the Administrative general faculty. All policies and procedures that apply to the Administrative general faculty also apply to the Professional general faculty.

Faculty Compensation Plan for General Faculty - Julia Martin spoke with Ron Bouchard regarding the Compensation Plan for general faculty. The plan is being developed for Administrative/Professional general faculty only. It will not apply to Academic general faculty. The plan has not been approved and is still in draft form. For that reason, a copy cannot be released to the GFC for review. The plan is currently with Leonard Sandridge and he has indicated that he may want to pilot the plan in his areas. It is possible that he will be creating a focus group to work on implementation. Julia Martin and Ann Loper will write to Mr. Sandridge to indicate the GFC's interest in assisting with plan design and implementation and will recommend that Mark Doherty be the council's representative on the focus group.


By-laws - John Alexander was not present but has indicated he plans to have a draft of the by-laws to be reviewed at the next meeting of the council. Richard Sealock volunteered to work with John on the development of the by-laws and will contact him to arrange a meeting. Ann Loper asked that the draft be mailed to members prior to the next meeting if possible so that members may review the draft and be ready to discuss at the next meeting.

Inclusion of Professional Staff in Membership - There was discussion at the last meeting of the council whether the GFC represents the Professional Research Staff. Motion by Richard Sealock that the GFC represent all Professional Research Staff - Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research Scientist, Senior Scientist, and Principal Scientist. Julia Martin second. Passed.

Mission Statement for the Council - Ann Loper distributed copies of the Statement of Purpose that was developed by the GFC nominating committee. The statement was revised and is attached for review. At the next meeting members will vote on adoption of the attached statement as a mission statement.

Financial Support for the Council - Ann Loper and Julia Martin discussed need for financial support for mailings, labels, etc. Bill Randolph volunteered to put together a list of items for which we might want to request financial support. Julia Martin suggested calling the Faculty Senate for information on how they have handled finances.

Communications Procedures for the Council - Ann Loper suggested the need for the GFC to begin to look at external communications procedures. Idea would be to identify what vehicles will be used for communicating and what procedures will be followed in issuing information. Pat Lampkin volunteered to contact Louise Dudley, Director, University Relations, for advice in this area and Beth Camden volunteered to explore ways we might communicate through electronic mail, etc. It was agreed that if members are contacted for opinions on specific issues, the call will be referred to the chairs of the council. If chairs are asked for an opinion regarding an issue that has not been discussed by the council, they will indicate that their opinion is a personal opinion. Richard Sealock suggested that the council be formally announced in the September issue of Inside UVA and that information about the council be included in information provided during New Faculty Orientation.


University Sexual Harassment Policy - Beth Camden mailed a copy of the policy to all members for review. Bill Randolph suggested this may not be the first issue about which the GFC wants to issue a formal statement. Pat Lampkin agreed and stated the need to be certain, if we do make a statement, we are stating the opinions of those we represent. Mark Doherty suggested we focus on the issues rather than making a statement for or against the policy. Ann Loper asked Beth Camden to work on a draft list of issues for the council to discuss. Beth agreed to develop the list.

Faculty Handbook - Julia Martin distributed copies of the handbook for members to review. The handbook is in draft form and it is important that any revisions be submitted in time to be incorporated in the final copy. Julia will check on scheduled date for publication. Members were asked to review the document before the next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: No new business.

There will be no meeting in August.

Next meeting: September 8, 1993 12:00 - 2:00

Vice President's Conference Room, McKim Hall Rm. #3001