JUNE 16, 1993


* John Alexander
Ann Loper
Pam Bouchard
Julie Martin
Beth Camden
* Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
* Richard McGuire
Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
* Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Debra Meyers attended the meeting for Richard McGuire.

The minutes of the May 12, 1993 meeting were approved.

REPORTING: Ann Loper distributed and reviewed charts showing existing employee groups and their senate/council affiliations (attached) and the University's Plan of Organization (attached).

TITLES, GRIEVANCES, AND PROMOTIONS: Julie Martin led a discussion regarding how the University defines the general faculty. Academic general faculty hold professorial rank but are not tenured and not tenure track. Administrative general faculty have functional titles within their organizations and the title Lecturer with no promotional track. Currently there is some confusion in distinguishing between academic, administrative, and professional general faculty, research staff and classified staff. There are administrative general faculty with professorial titles. There are individuals at the same level in the organization, with similar responsibilities, who have different types of appointments. The appointment of staff to the general faculty can occur three levels down in the organization, but counting of the levels differs depending on where you sit in the organization. In the Schools the count starts with the Vice President; in the Medical Center, the count starts with the Executive Director of the Medical Center. There is some confusion regarding the use of the term "professional general faculty". The professional general faculty were not defined in the Policies on the General Faculty, but this term is being used. Decisions to promote administrative general faculty are made by the departments in which they serve and should be promotions in functional title only. Decisions to promote academic general faculty are made by the departments in which they serve and are based on the departments promotion criteria.

Promotion criteria vary widely between departments.

The grievance procedure for administrative general faculty has been defined in a separate document which was sent to members with last months minutes. The academic general faculty are covered under the grievance procedure of the faculty senate.

Assignment: Ann Loper will get a definition of professional general faculty and check with the Provost's office on the grievance procedure for professional research staff.

DATA PROJECT: Bill Randolph distributed and reviewed lists of all full-time and part-time faculty. The lists show 1,019 tenured faculty, 347 on tenure track, 1,131 general faculty (not tenured and not tenure track), and 312 professional research staff.

Julie Martin indicated there has been a request that the General Faculty Council represent the part-time faculty. Motion by Richard Sealock that the General Faculty Council not represent the part-time faculty. Second by Beth Camden. Motion amended by Bill Randolph to indicate that the General Faculty Council will not represent the part-time faculty, tenured or tenure track. Second by Ann Loper. Passed.

MISSION AND BYLAWS: John Alexander has volunteered to work on bylaws and may want to set up a subcommittee. There was no report since John could not attend the meeting. Mission and bylaws will be discussed at the next meeting of the council Julie Martin led a discussion regarding the question, who does the General Faculty Council represent and whether the council represents or should represent the professional research staff. The professional research staff hold the titles Principal Scientist, Senior Scientist, Research Scientist, Research Assistant or Research Associate.

Motion by Ann Loper that the General Faculty Council represent Principal Scientists and Senior Scientists. Second by Richard Sealock. Passed.

Motion by Ann Loper that the General Faculty Council not represent Research Scientists, Research Assistants or Research Associates. Second by Mark Doherty. Denied.

As a result of continuing discussion regarding this issue, Richard Sealock proposed that members review the definitions of professional research staff (attached) and hear arguments at the next meeting for and against representing the professional research staff. Agreed.

EXTERNAL RELATIONS: Beth Camden has volunteered to be the council's liaison to the WFPA. Beth reported that she attended the June meeting of the WFPA and that members of that group have expressed interest in assisting the council in its work In the meeting of the WFPA, the proposed Tuition Waiver Policy was discussed. This proposal would allow employees (30 hours or greater), their spouses and their children to enroll in courses at UVA and have their tuition and feed waived. The proposal also asks for educational release time from work.

In the new Faculty Handbook there will be three sections on the general faculty, a section on policies on the general faculty, a section on the grievance procedure, and a section on staffing guidelines.

Assignment: Julie Martin will ask for copies of the handbook for members of the council.

The General Faculty Council has been asked for a statement on the Sexual Relations policy approved by the Faculty Senate.

Assignment: Beth Camden will obtain a copy of the policy statement for members of the council.

There is no additional information regarding the compensation plan for the general faculty. A letter has been sent by representatives of the WFPA to Ron Bouchard requesting information regarding the plan.

Assignment: Julie Martin will request information regarding the plan.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

Next meeting: July 14, 1993 12:00 - 2:00 Vice President's Conference Room 3rd Floor, McKim Hall Rm. #3001

NOTE: The meeting of the General Faculty Council will be held on the second Wednesday of every month from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. in the Vice President's Conference Room. 3rd Floor. McKim Hall. Rm. #3001.