JUNE 13, 1995


Beth Picknally Camden
Virginia Germino
Shawn Campbell*
Dearing Johns*
James Clack*
Ann Loper
Mark Doherty
James McGowan
Colleen Fitzpatrick*
William Randolph
Hilton Fowler*
Richard Sealock*
*indicates members absent

Bill Randolph, Chair, conducted the meeting.

Due to a lack of quorum, the approval of the minutes of May 9 was delayed until the next meeting.

New Business:

Part-time Benefits

Bill Randolph read a reply from Robert Cantrell, Acting Vice President and Provost for Health Sciences, regarding May 22 memorandum concerning the provision of fringe benefits for part- time employees. Dr. Cantrell voiced support for the Council's position.

WFPA Forum with GFC

Bill Randolph presented an invitation from the WFPA for Council to meet at a Forum, sponsored by the WFPA, in which we review Council's progress. Bill will contact Suzanne Louis and Lynda White, Co-chairs of the General Faculty Division of the WFPA, and express our willingness to participate in January.

GFC Participation in University Benefits Committee

Bill Randolph was requested by Julie Martin, former member of Council, to investigate gaining a representative from Council on the University Benefits Committee. Bill contacted Pam Higgins, Director of Major Events, who agreed to forward our request to the President and Vice-Presidents responsible for Committee assignments.

Lists of Constituents

Beth Camden requested that Bill Randolph provide lists of constituents for each council member. Bill Randolph agreed.

Policy Committee Report

Ann Loper reported on the progress of the Policy Committee. The group has met twice in the last month. The group plans to provide a document which will be roughly equivalent to Chapter 2 of the Faculty Handbook, but which is specific to policies pertaining to the General Faculty. The group has targeted 4 areas to be described: Terminology and Titles; Promotion, Evaluation, and Career Development; Faculty Benefits; Grievance Procedures. The group is planning to synthesize various documents pertaining to these issues, providing a single source for information specific to General Faculty. The group will also point out areas which appear appropriate for modification.

Committee for Election Procedures

Beth Camden agreed to head a Committee to study our election procedures (in particular, our nominating procedures) and election of council officers. Jim McGowan will be a member of this group.

Next Meeting Location

The exact location of our next meeting is still to be determined. Beth Camden will check on availability at Peabody Hall, and let Council members know via e-mail.

Ann Loper, recorder